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Journalist Charged with Criticizing Islam as a "Hate Motivated" Crime

Muslim and Liberal members of the Canadian Government are targeting Bloggers, Journalists and everyday citizens for criticizing Islam.

The Ontario politician who decided to file charges against this Journalist is a Muslim, let into the country from Pakistan, named Yasir Naqvi. 18 more words

EU Condemns Pakistan over its blasphemy laws; Parliament calls for their abolition

The Council of the EU adopted conclusions on Pakistan on 17 July where they once-more condemned the world’s third largest Muslim nation for its lack of freedom of religion, and in particular for its abusive blasphemy laws, stating that the EU has a clear interest in a stable, secure, and democratic Pakistan. 447 more words

European Parliament

#NotInMyName and expanding 'islands of sanity'

Talking about the #NotInMyName campaign in India against lynch mobs that forced PM Modi to break his near-silence on the vigilante violence, my friend Jaspal Singh in an email also discusses the model of citizens’ “defence committees” against communal violence, as seen in Canada and in India. 775 more words


Pakistani Law Makes Ramadan a Dangerous Time for Religious Minorities

Pakistani Law Makes Ramadan a Dangerous Time for Religious Minorities

By Ammar Anwer

Special to IPT News

Investigative Project on Terrorism

The unconscious man rushed to a Pakistani hospital was covered in filth. 721 more words


More for Blasphemy Day

by Greg Mayer

Following up on the theme for the day, the New York Times reports that in Indonesia, Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, the governor of Jakarta, has been convicted of blasphemy against Islam, and has been immediately placed in prison to begin his two year sentence while his lawyers appeal the case. 298 more words


A Ridiculous Travesty

Bali, May 9, 2017

THERE are several things that can be said about the two-year jail sentence meted out to Jakarta governor Basuki Tjahaya Purnama (Ahok) for his astoundingly correct but politically incautious observation that matters of religion are often subject to varying interpretations. 825 more words