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Atrasado en un día, lo sé, pero como dicen por ahí: más vale tarde que nunca.

De seguro el artista que cubriremos el día de hoy no es alguien que les suene ni de pelea de perros, pero de que es conocido, lo es, ya que sus trabajos son muy usados en esas  184 more words


Art Blast

A little bit of an introduction to me, I’m artsy.
I had hoped to have the Blastoise done by the Brisbane VGC Regionals for my brother however as mentioned in that post I was sick and unable to really work on it. 165 more words


Wow, this took way longer than expected so i hope you enjoy, this is a fusion between Blastoise and Venasaur called Venatoise, as always if you have any suggestions leave them in the comments below  :D


Simple Things

Just sharing a picture of my little corner of heaven. =] My personal workspace, bed (I tend to sleep on my laptop during busy nights) and dining table. 45 more words



Scanned and cleaned these up a bit, so I thought I’d post all of them together. Favourite pokemon drawing challenge! Draw yourself five times at different times of your life with your favourite pokemon!

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An Overview of Competitive Pokemon Part 3: The Predicting Game

The first two parts of this guide provide a basic overview of the competitive Pokemon metagame. This part focuses on more advanced aspects of the metagame, which includes predictions and various scenarios. 929 more words