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Journey started

I started playing Pokemon again several years ago with the release of Pokemon X&Y. When Omega and Alpha came out I played even more and decided I wanted to catch them all and have a completed living Pokedex. 126 more words

What decks will win at Worlds?

What decks will win at worlds?
That is the question on every Pokémon player’s mind. In this post I will give you the info on all the winning decks and what ones will probably win. 165 more words

Pokémon News

Patrick, Bubbles, Blastoise

Pictures originally posted on Instagram (abacat90)

I kind of like the top picture a little more; before I colored.



Hello and welcome, today’s fusion is a fusion between Blastoise and Nidoking, as always if you have any suggestions or challenges for fusions post them in the comments below :D


Art Blast

A little bit of an introduction to me, I’m artsy.
I had hoped to have the Blastoise done by the Brisbane VGC Regionals for my brother however as mentioned in that post I was sick and unable to really work on it. 165 more words