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Autumn Leaf

Blatant lies
Have left cavities
On your teeth.
Your smile is decaying
Like a fallen, autumn leaf.


The real owners of "our" government on display at inauguration time

Let’s hear it for Illinois!

Incoming Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner campaigned as a reformer of the state’s often corrupt politics – but, watchdog groups say activities surrounding his inauguration Monday are among the priciest of any incoming governor and take advantage of a loophole in campaign finance that allows wealthy special interests to gain access to those who hold political power…

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The Overly-Blatant Channel Trailer!

We just put together a YouTube channel trailer that’s a little too “captain obvious.” Check it out!

Don't allow yourself to be controlled by social media.

Have you noticed that sometimes there are a series of posts that do not offer you the opportunity to respond to them. Do you think that is an accident? 88 more words

Who does your Attorney General work for?

We live in the time of the robber barons.

In addition to the American Petroleum Institute, major energy companies — ConocoPhillips, the oil and gas company; Alpha Natural Resources, a coal mining giant; and American Electric Power, the nation’s biggest coal consumer — have recently joined the Republican Attorneys General Association, bringing in hundreds of thousands of additional dollars to the group, internal documents show.

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Cricket bat at my side, I settled tensely onto the bed, careful not to move too much in case I wake up the baby and she starts crying into my arms. 769 more words


Ole Scheeren's The Interlace Envisioned As "a Blatant Reversal" Of Tower-block Housing by Beauty and Hairstyle

Globe Architecture Festival 2014: architect Ole Scheeren has revealed far more about the motivations behind The Interlace, an “critical prototype” for housing where horizontal buildings are stacked diagonally across one an additional to frame terraces, gardens and plazas (+ … if you want to view full content please visit this … 7 more words