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blatant as neither


as its own rise

as the learning

as its the turning

impact as its the other

and caught as its own meaning

and caught… 47 more words


... And This One Thing

This, I know, is true.

Between these words lie meaning,

Blatant and obscure,

Obviously camouflaged

Within white spaces

Surrounds by darkened lines;

Razor sharp yet, oddly, blurry.


Blantant Self Promotion Friday

Getting a referrer link from Jennifer Strobel from Jennstrobel.com reminded me that it was Blantant Self Promotion Friday!

I have an author’s page on amazon.com now. 120 more words

Find the Gestapo

Find the Gestapo Office With Google Maps



14:49 17.01.2017(updated 17:24 17.01.2017) Get short URL

Some twitter users noticed that the FSB building in Kaliningrad is displayed on Google Maps as “Gestapo Administration in East Prussia.” 129 more words


This Blog Is Fake News

Not really, but language is our primary way to communicate.  “This statement is false,” is a classic example of recursive writing.  Sometimes I enjoy annoying, contradictory statements; these conundrums are good exercise for our understanding of language, our value judgements and our unchallenged intellectual sides.  388 more words


Born Blatant

My mother used to ask me “Why do you have to be so blatant? Why do you have to let everyone know that you are gay? 617 more words