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The Theme Song of the Mom of Teens cannot be played

Well, not over headphones

Because teenagers steal headphones.

So now, I’m listening to music on the $5 ear buds my husband bought four dozen of because headphones disappear faster than socks in a dryer in this household. 17 more words


Working in Healthcare vs IT

I turned 51 a couple of weeks back.

I’ve had a few different jobs over those 5 decades. ¬† The majority of the first two were pretty much being a major pain in the rear to my parents and any associated adults. 412 more words

Random Blatherings

Giving Tuesday, book disappointment, and what the heck happened to Anne Shirley?

First – let me start with Giving Tuesday. You know, where after all that consumering, you then use your monies to give to charities? Well, I have a list of them on my… 245 more words


Confession - I'm not that good with people first language

Yeah, I know, that makes me not a good spokesperson.

Seeing as I’m not getting paid to be a spokesperson…I can live with that.

Maura has special needs – that’s our quick and easy way to explain her issues to strangers. 434 more words


I've changed my mind

Some of us are very depressed or angry or deprangry or just breathing into paper bags today.

So you know how I was all “Oh, I don’t like¬† 50 more words


Can we just enjoy the fecking moment?

Last night, driving home, there was a house lit up in Christmas lights.

Christmas. Lights.

It’s still October people. And we have two holidays between today and Christmas. 507 more words


And then I learned that MRI's freak me out

So, I screwed up my shoulder. It’s been hurting for…oh…almost two weeks now. My doctor sent me for an MRI, and that took a week to get into (to which my friend said “Wow, just a week? 1,087 more words