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What is a Loser?
What is he not?
He is the sucker,
Lady Luck forgot.

No difference ‘tween us,
But a change in the breeze, 76 more words


Fridays and the London Fog!

Happy Friday! It’s a beautiful day in my neighborhood. Kind of windy but then this is Oklahoma. But for now it’s gorgeous outside.

I took all of my indoor plants outside to enjoy some sunshine and potted some mums around the bird bath. 254 more words


Rocktober Day 1

It started out innocently enough. A three month bout of some plague last spring had me coughing my guts out (literally) and was not conductive to sexy times. 914 more words


Ruffled feathers

I blogged about a public meltdown that Maura had. Shared how I felt. I was honest, and maybe a bit too raw about it.

In return, many people asked “If I was one of those people in the proximity of Maura’s meltdown, well, exactly what should I do to help? 866 more words



I have several reasons for keeping a blog.  I want to keep my vocabulary strong, I want to remember things, and I consider a blog like a diary.   245 more words


Still Not Dead

Just busy and haven’t had time to write much in the past few weeks. Been obsessively worldbuilding, though, in between things. Here’s a map I drew. 126 more words

The Big One

Quasi-Inspirational Ravings #2

One day while on a stroll through the park I met an elderly gentleman sitting alone on an out of the way bench,  far from the children, dogs and humans who were enjoying a bright spring afternoon. 97 more words

Random Blatherings