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Short 'Un

White collar
working parents
are horrified
later in life
when all their
sons marry
Latino women.

* * * *

A bank teller
is fired… 15 more words


An Awkward Moment In Time

That moment during sex when you realize that it’s actually pity sex.


Happy Bloomsday!

In honor of Mr. Joyce and his fabulous and frolicking ways….


remember in austin

the day you said


(june 16 to be exact) 290 more words

An Awkward Moment In Time

Awkward is finding a sesame seed in your lover’s pubic hair.

True love is saying nothing until the next morning.


"Don't tell them you blog"

It’s time to admit – when it comes to blogging, I don’t know a lot.  I just sort of hang out here, in my own little couch fort of a blog, making shadow puppets with a flashlight for my own amusement.  834 more words



how can you all
be individuals?
How can this
massive fad
be individualistic
at all?
How can you
find your
in a throng… 46 more words


A Fistful of Farts

The art of the fart, the influence of the flatulence, the greatness of the gas, the power of the pooting—it exists in many ways, shapes, forms, places, persons, peoples, and we ponder the precarious nature of each fart like scientists. 507 more words