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Halfway through the Whole 30 challenge and I haven't killed anyone yet

So on January 2nd, I started the Whole 30 program.

See, on December 30th, my husband Josh said from across the room “What about Whole 30?” and I said “I dunno. 887 more words


Thoughts while trying to cut open a spaghetti squash

So, yeah, I’m one of the millions who have started on a more clean eating path this New Year. Let me state for the record though, that I thought about it mid-November…then thought about all the holiday food I’d miss out on and was like “Screw it, January’s a good start date as any.” 539 more words


Growing up with Princess Leia

I was five when “Star Wars” came out. It was just “Star Wars” back then- no “New Hope” or “Episode IV” or any other descriptor needed. 810 more words


A failed attempt at a group shot, 2011, Cashel, Ireland. They’re all laughing because Maura was yelling “Ow! My butt!” after bumping said posterior.

Oh, the things I find in my dishwasher! 42 more words


No, actually, I don't have to buy your stuff

Lately, I’ve been seeing posts on Facebook about how if you’re a good friend, you’ll buy stuff from your friends. You know, stuff like leggings, nail wraps, eyelash extensions, bags, jewelry, make up, candles, things that are so much better than candles, stuff, stuff, and stuff. 758 more words


My own little Christmas miracle

The first Christmas in Ireland, I pulled out our box of decorations, set to decorate the tiny bush-like tree Josh got while out one day. Our quarters were a bit cramped, and we had left our giant fake tree behind, so this little bush of a tree that sat on a side table was perfect. 697 more words


The Theme Song of the Mom of Teens cannot be played

Well, not over headphones

Because teenagers steal headphones.

So now, I’m listening to music on the $5 ear buds my husband bought four dozen of because headphones disappear faster than socks in a dryer in this household. 17 more words