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Those of you who have been keeping up with my book clubs episodes will know that I returned to school last weekend.  The week leading up to that was me frantically trying to get everything in order that I needed, this week consisted of going to classes getting a handle on my new schedule and settling in. 342 more words


One week

One week until school starts. Maura is ready. Maura is beyond ready. Maura is Ready Freddy.

However, Maura doesn’t quite grasp the concept of “One week.” 221 more words


The summer of my discontent

I don’t know if I’ve ever been eager for a summer to end in my life.  But here I am, a faux grown-up on my best day, counting down the days until school starts (21). 409 more words


The Lord wants me to be left handed

In this house, we now have this huge walk-in closet.  Seriously, it’s ridiculous.  It is bigger than Sean’s bedroom in Ireland (okay, low bar.) The only catch to this is that it was an addition to an addition, and has a bit of a moisture problem (not deadly mold, but the “Hi, we live in the Pacific North Wet”).  413 more words


Hole In One


It’s a sport in which the player is as white as the ball. I fucking HATE golf. And why do I hate golf?

Let me begin with the fact that golf doesn’t qualify as a sport by any measure, because self-competition is not a competition. 371 more words


An Awkward Moment In Time

Awkward is finding out the hard way that you’re allergic to latex….

…..during sex.