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Rocktober Day 1

It started out innocently enough. A three month bout of some plague last spring had me coughing my guts out (literally) and was not conductive to sexy times. 914 more words


Ruffled feathers

I blogged about a public meltdown that Maura had. Shared how I felt. I was honest, and maybe a bit too raw about it.

In return, many people asked “If I was one of those people in the proximity of Maura’s meltdown, well, exactly what should I do to help? 866 more words



I have several reasons for keeping a blog.  I want to keep my vocabulary strong, I want to remember things, and I consider a blog like a diary.   245 more words


Still Not Dead

Just busy and haven’t had time to write much in the past few weeks. Been obsessively worldbuilding, though, in between things. Here’s a map I drew. 126 more words

The Big One

Quasi-Inspirational Ravings #2

One day while on a stroll through the park I met an elderly gentleman sitting alone on an out of the way bench,  far from the children, dogs and humans who were enjoying a bright spring afternoon. 97 more words

Random Blatherings

We found the worst pet area ever

So last week, in hopes of chasing the eclipse but not being like every other Seattle-ite who headed to Oregon, we road tripped out to Wyoming. 959 more words


I'm not a giver, so I try not to take

I don’t ask for help.

Okay, that’s not entirely true. I will, if desperate and can figure out no other solution, ask for help. But only if at proverbial gunpoint. 829 more words