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And then I learned that MRI's freak me out

So, I screwed up my shoulder. It’s been hurting for…oh…almost two weeks now. My doctor sent me for an MRI, and that took a week to get into (to which my friend said “Wow, just a week? 1,087 more words


Waving the white flag...

Let me sum up my life right now – I have a pair of underwear in my front pocket.

Enough said, right?

Let me clarify that they are clean underwear, and my underwear. 314 more words



I’ve spent a good portion of the day writing, trying to sort out feelings and problems and ways to cope. All I’ve really managed to do is make myself even more depressed about the state of some parts of my life. 129 more words



I sprained muscles in my back. It’s part of living the dream here. Maura’s now bigger than me, and I have a wonky back, so if she tackles me wrong, that’s it, I’m done for. 476 more words


RTOD: Saddest Lyrics Ever

People writing songs that voices never share

Sound of Silence
-Simon and Garfunkel
(and a great cover by Disturbed)

Random Blatherings

Four words to my 17 yr old self

“Keep being different.”

That was my response to this particular Facebook mindlessness. (BTW, I love FB Mindlessness, it’s a nice break from having to read yet another political ugliness thread.) 506 more words


Maura's back in school, I should be blogging more

I know, I’ve been a little absentee here. I am writing – but not in blog form – during the day, plus working on a new project, plus doing the normal stuff like buying all the food for my teens to consume. 192 more words