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An Awkward Moment In Time

If you’re ever wondering if you miss your ex or you’re just horny……….

……you’re horny, that’s it, so whack off and go to sleep.


How the Wheel was Invented (and why its important to protect your Intellectual Property)

18 Apr 4,032,008 BC:  2:32Pm
On the site that will eventually become “Big Ed’s Used Tire Emporium”

Its market day and Grogg meets Ugg,  a member of a neighbouring tribe as they take their goods to trade at the local market. 347 more words

Random Blatherings

What happened this week?


This week started first thing Sunday morning when I woke up to two loud booms and the power going out.  Yep, transformers blew.  We managed to survive the crisis by lighting the gas stovetop the old-fashion way, and putting a kettle on for coffee.  586 more words


ISIS Downgrades Threats

Awhile back,  ISIS….the band of masked nutjobs trying to take over the Middle East,  not the Egyptian Goddess, attempted to terrorize the West by threatening to make us feel unsafe in our own bedrooms. 205 more words

Random Blatherings

The Child You Lose/The Child You Gain

I wrote these a couple years ago, as two separate blog posts for another blog.  They have been a favorite of mine, and I thought I’d share them again here… 1,763 more words

Special Needs

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Written when Maura was turning seven, there's still so much truth in all this today...

Dark Thought

Irony is fucking your pregnant wife so hard you knock the egg from the uterine wall and she has a miscarriage.


An Awkward Moment In Time

When you’re dieting with a spouse or significant other, getting caught with cheeto dust on your fingers is the same as getting caught with stripper glitter in your crotch.