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Sometimes, even I need a reminder

I am a tolerant woman. I can ignore a lot. A LOT.

But some teen in this house showed Maura YouTube on the Xbox. And now, Maura is going through YouTube, clip by bloody clip, trying to pick out songs from movies. 379 more words


Life with Maura, day 5077

It is spring break, so my brain is officially mush. The teens can smell the weakness I’m emitting.

But right now, three out of four of the offspring are passed out in their beds. 324 more words


Closer to Fine

The other day, as I ran errands, the song “Closer to Fine” by the Indigo Girls came on the radio.

I of course, sang along, doing the higher harmony part. 858 more words


Comfort food.

Maybe it’s my age, or maybe it’s my loquacity. But I’ve realized that habitually expressing my opinion is an easy way to pigeonhole myself. So when I’m frequently solicited for music recommendations, I feel pressure to offer mind-blowing suggestions. 248 more words


​Respect – To Earn or Not to Earn

    1. I see entirely too many times people saying, “I don’t need to give you any respect. Respect is something that is earned.” I just cannot agree with this common philosophy.
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Dear Betsy DeVos

Hi Betsy!

Can I call you Betsy? I’m calling you Betsy – because we’re going to really get to know each other now that you’re Education Secretary. 1,274 more words