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Overwatch: An Anniversary Reflection

I initially started penning this piece upon the advent of the Anniversary Event, as I wished to offer a reaction, of sorts, to the Event as a whole. 2,633 more words


Yeah, I know you're judging me

I can feel your eyes watching me. See the frowns, hear the whispers to your mate, feel the weight of your glare.

I know you’re judging me. 933 more words


Be wary the jobs you suggest to me

“Hey, we have openings for people to work with adults with disabilities. Would you be interested in this job?”

A very nice, lovely someone asked me this, not knowing the completely honest yet probably unexpected response I’d have. 647 more words


I should probably go do the things

You know, the things that need to be done.

The things I’ve been slowly chipping away at.

The things that in doing, have made my house look like I haven’t done any of the things ever? 96 more words


Revised an earlier section, but that's boring for you, so instead here's this drawing and I'll see you next week

I was revising this section yesterday, but I’m still not quite settled on it so I’m not gonna bore you with it right now. I’ll just leave you this small bit of in-progress description and this matching sketch I apparently drew a while ago. 272 more words

The Big One

The one where I try to leave the house

Monday nights, my friend Not Jenn and I have a standing date. Sure, it’s because her kid has a thing near my house and she has time to kill, but that’s just how us parental units roll these days. 731 more words