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An Impasse

I haven’t worked since the end of November.

I became embroiled in a dispute with my employer after I filed a complaint naming two senior employees. 351 more words

Random Blatherings

I started to write a blog post about perfection, but reality happened

Okay, so I wasn’t writing about how I achieve perfection – because that ain’t happening. Instead, it was about embracing happiness and clutter. I was really on this mystical roll. 190 more words


I Manage My Expectations

I spent a long time with virtually no libido. I tried the “fake it till you make it” approach and it worked sometimes, but it was a lot of effort. 995 more words


Things that are risking my panties bunching up

It’s Tuesday. Only Tuesday. And yet, I opened up my Facebook and found people storming, rightfully, about things that are happening out there.

Let’s start with… 640 more words


I survived my conference!

I’m back from almost four straight days of socializing. Of leaving my comfort zone in the hotel room and actually introducing myself to people. My brain is still sort of spinning. 1,424 more words


Pro-tip - Always check the girl's ears

Maura’s been in a mood. I thought maybe it was her being overtired, or, you know, puberty. That’s sort of my answer to everything and everyone these days – puberty. 527 more words

Special Needs

An Awkward Moment in Time

Awkward is getting caught trying to retrieve food from the garbage that you had thrown away earlier, and then attempting to explain it away by saying you “threw out diamond earrings”.