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RTOD: Salad Dressing

With everything going on in the world today, I want to take a moment and talk about something that I’m sure is on everyone’s mind…. 64 more words

Random Blatherings

Teen daze.

It’s not everyday that I find an artist like Jamison Isaak. He releases music under the name, Teen Daze. It’s not merely that he writes great pop hooks or creates luscious soundscapes (both of which he does exceedingly well), it’s that I get this irrational feeling that he understands me. 257 more words


Anthems and Allegories

There have been points in my life where a song jumped out at me. Where the lyrics struck hard, sometimes reducing me to tears.

The first, as a teenager was the Blue Oyster Cult’s Great Sun Jester.    201 more words

Random Blatherings

Kharma is Weird and Wonderful

There is a Buddhist meditation that helps you pass on your good Kharma to someone else. I forget the name of it, but a few years ago when I first started meditating I did that for a dear friend who was going through a very rough time. 440 more words

Random Blatherings

We may take this "anything is possible!" thing too far

I just had a panic attack because I lost my guac and pico de gallo.

“I swear, I put it in the fridge!” I panicked loudly at my husband, who had innocently asked about toppings for the taco meat he was making. 231 more words


This is NOT a pet blog

Someone from some other site – a site about home selling or something to do with homes – emailed me.

“We’d totally love to collaborate with you on your pet blog.” 146 more words



What is a Loser?
What is he not?
He is the sucker,
Lady Luck forgot.

No difference ‘tween us,
But a change in the breeze, 76 more words