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To the women over forty and the twenty-somethings who write about them

I’m officially in my forties. I’m surrounded by teenagers. And I’m tired of fetuses on the internet telling me what to do.

The other day, there was some slideshow on the internet, yet another “Things Women Shouldn’t Do After 30”. 413 more words


After everything.

Personalities of its members aside, The Church is my ideal band. In the past 35 or so years, it has matured from jangly post-punk to a mix of psychedelia, ambient and dreampop. 173 more words

Radio Free Raytown

I am Her. She is Me.

I never intended to write about my personal life on a public blog. I’ve mentioned before that I created a Twitter account so that I could comment on blogs that I read and follow the authors on Twitter. 1,021 more words


I have all the motivation and a plague

Yes, in the glamourous life of airline travel, where you’re trapped in a metal tube full of other people’s germs and old guys stop to hack up a lung just over your aisle seat, you know that getting on a plane means a good chance of catching something. 229 more words


I'm exhausted and refreshed

It’s a weird combination, I know. But for the past three weeks, I’ve been busier than ever. First, I went to the blogging conference, Mom 2.0, and made a point to continually remove myself from comfort zones. 330 more words


An Impasse

I haven’t worked since the end of November.

I became embroiled in a dispute with my employer after I filed a complaint naming two senior employees. 351 more words

Random Blatherings

I started to write a blog post about perfection, but reality happened

Okay, so I wasn’t writing about how I achieve perfection – because that ain’t happening. Instead, it was about embracing happiness and clutter. I was really on this mystical roll. 190 more words