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Dear Betsy DeVos

Hi Betsy!

Can I call you Betsy? I’m calling you Betsy – because we’re going to really get to know each other now that you’re Education Secretary. 1,274 more words


Apparently Maura had shopping plans

I get interesting emails from Maura’s teacher. Things like “She’s bringing home food, check the backpack!”and “So Maura brought in a white cell phone that obviously doesn’t belong to her” and “Hey, so Maura brought in some sort of wine glass and a curtain? 362 more words


Blog Block

I spent a year or more with hundreds of ideas on multiple topics flying around in my mind like UFOs on crack. This gave me the brilliant idea of starting a blog. 610 more words



They took out my womb on Tuesday.

Sounds like the beginning of a terrible, ol’ style country and western song.

I got to keep my ovaries.   104 more words


C'est La Vie

Hey guys!

Happy 2017! How have you been?

Before you mention – yes, I’m extremely aware of the fact that I haven’t posted in forever and a half -, but it’s been an incredibly and often unbelievably busy semester in school. 533 more words


"Don't you forget about me..."

I drove my 16 yr old to school this morning. I don’t usually drive her as we’re close enough for walking, but sometimes she asks and I’ll grab my keys and we get in the car. 535 more words


Don't be like Barb

Yes, I understand that this presidential election has been especially contentious. And yes, I also understand that we are very divided by our choices.

But when it comes to name calling, can we leave some things out of it? 758 more words