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Black and Blue

By Camila Abisambra

When it comes to office dressing, I am not a pro. I don’t like it, I feel frumpy, and I just don’t think it’s flattering. 201 more words


I'm convincing no one am I?

I’m fairly positive there isn’t a man alive who could pull this off. I mean, if you rule out the theatrical ‘tude of a Liberace or a Boy George, is it conceivable a run of the mill, ‘non-performing arts’ bro could wield this thing? 170 more words


Article - The Potential Perils of Online Shopping (Check Blazer)

I am in the market for a check blazer, preferably brown or tan but open to suggestions, as currently, my blazers are all plain and in subtle shades such as camel, tan and ink. 1,125 more words

T M Lewin

I missed you.

Hey gals. Thanks for sticking with me in this month of on-and-off radio silence. More like year. I’ve been a bad blogger and an even worse blog friend. 112 more words


Simply indulge!! This Week's Fashion Picks

Hello beautiful people!

This week we bring you a few of our favorite spring picks which you can rock for every occasion.

  • Yellow heels

Now the essence of heels in adding class and style, cannot be overstated. 325 more words


That perfect blazer :-)

 What is your definition of a perfect blazer… Mine is a slim fit blazer because it goes with just about everything and does not look borrowed…



24 april, Groningen
30 mei, Groningen
13 juni, Borkum
7 september, Borkum

Boek SUPERSHAKER nu alvast voor 2016 !

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