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Blazing Trails - The Westerholt's Wailea Family Portraits

On a bright blue morning, we had the pleasure of meeting the Westerdholt Family on our Southern shores. In town to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary, this sweet trio from Nebraska was so much fun to work with. 110 more words

To you my Tresses...

To the mess you ought to be,

I admire you!!

The way you fondle over my back

And sway with the blows.

Enhancing my charm every jiffy! 64 more words


His hopes were bleak.

His dreams descending.

His ambitions drowning.

He felt an uncharacteristic weakness.

An unusual helplessness.

He wanted to rise.

He tried to break free from the shackles of his fears. 73 more words


A Dragons Contemplations


To sleep I go
To sleep I must
Ashes to Ashes
Dust to Dust
It is not the end
Still full of lust
I am an old dragon… 66 more words



In a world so dark it chokes, light has become inevitable, not just any kind of light, but Blazing, Inferno “kinda” light in thick darkness. At creation, when God met with “Gross Darkness” he didn’t negotiate with it, He simply spoke LIGHT to existence and boom!!! 553 more words

Oscar Fish - Their Blazing Glory

Many have tried raising Oscar fish and failed. Anyone can start an aquarium and keep a few tropical fish and all will be good for years. 34 more words

Scruples Blazing Color Extending Conditioner - 8.5 oz

Scruples Blazing Color Extending Conditioner – 8.5 oz
Scruples Blazing Color Extending Conditioner contains an intense, moisturizing formula that leaves the hair with incredible shine. Locks in the beauty of haircolor with an amazingly light, silky finish. 10 more words