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Tsukishima arrives at Xcution HQ - Bleach 352

Bleach 352 had fights (look here), discussions and introductions. During Ichigo’s training with Jackie Tristan, Tsukishima suddenly appears by surprise.

Ichigo had recently just learned about how to use his own Fullbring. 182 more words


Ichigo's Fullbring Form - Bleach 352

During today’s Bleach 352, Ichigo again opens up his Fullbring powers to a brand new form! Even if today’s episode seemed a little repetitive, the episode overall was amazing. 456 more words


Jackie Tristan's Fullbring Releases - Bleach 351

Jackie Tristan’s Fullbring has been released! Within Bleach 351, Ichigo evolves his Fullbring powers to an extent that he has to fight the woman with Dirty Boots. 164 more words

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Ichigo continues to explore his Fullbring! - Bleach 351

In today’s Bleach 351, Ichigo develops a new current Fullbring to display six points on his combat pass instead of 4. This episode also builds up tension between Ichigo and Jackie Tristan’s Fight. 305 more words


Bleach 352: Oh no you didn't!

The following is more for archival and ranting purposes and may contain spoilers.

Here’s a little of my Bleach history before I begin. I never really read the manga and in regards to the anime, I stopped watching around the time Ichigo and gang first journeyed to Soul Society to save Rukia. 287 more words


Bleach Manga 352 spoiler 100% true confirmed with tons of pics (upated 4/1/09) + Bleach 351 breakdown

Bleach Manga 352 <Spoiler><Pics><Raw><Translation> <Front Page>

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More pics and script in videos below. 660 more words

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