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Choctaw Rodeo Arena

Seating Solutions specializes in the design, sale, and installation of custom grandstands. We focus on design taking into account factors such as comfort, seat count, and sight lines. 12 more words

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America's Got Talent

Check out Seating Solutions on the set of NBC’s America’s got talent.


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Calvert Vaux Park

Steel bleachers are Seating Solutions answer to the aluminum theft problem in urban areas. Calvert Vaux Park also used steel bleacher from Seating Solutions. These bleachers are made of 100 percent steel and are too big and too heavy to be worth the time to try to vandalize or steal. 38 more words

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Lincoln Center, Portable Rail Road Track Seating

Seating Solutions specializes in the design of custom outside the box seating systems that are unique to our client needs. Lincoln Center also utilized Ultimate Seating System from Seating Solutions. 47 more words

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Forest Hills Northern High School, MI

Forest Hills Northern High School is proud to use Bleachair in their new Huskies baseball field. A definite upgrade from their normal bleacher style seats, fans can now enjoy the game in comfort. 10 more words

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Villanova University Wildcats Softball

The Villanova Wildcat Softball team is already getting ready for this season with its newly updated Bleachair seats. Utilizing our BleaChair Maximus 28 bucket seats, fans can comfortably enjoy the game from their existing… 24 more words

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