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How A Black Lady Was Forced To Be Using Bleaching Cream

BEYOND RELIGION AND CULTURE: The aesthetic beauty, scintillating black, alluring lady told me something that has kept me thinking since yesterday (July 11 2017): She said that her brother’s wife walked up to her and advised her to be using cream, make-up and many other things. 336 more words

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How To Lighten Your Face Safely with Modda Skin Bleaching Face Set


Achieve visible white skin.

Inclusion: Black Bleaching Soap, Bleaching Cream Plain, SBF Placenta SPF45 Cream, Rejuvenating Toner.

HOW TO USE: 91 more words

Modda Skin Facial And Body Sets

How To Treat Melasma (Pekas) Using Modda Skin MELASMA SET

For skin with Pekas / Melasma. Reduces skin discoloration and skin pigmentation. May experience peeling. Anti-aging.

Inclusion: Kojic Soap, Medicated Astringent, Glycolic Toner, Bleaching Cream, Glycolic Cream, SBF Placenta Cream with SPF45. 128 more words

Modda Skin Facial And Body Sets

Jolen Cream Bleach | Review

Hello hello dear readers, today I have an interesting review for you all to read! You might think, “oh another review of this product?”, well think about this, if a lot of people review a product and share their experiences with you, it’ll only make your decision making easier, even if it’s just a tiny bit. 1,071 more words


Belle Skin Bleach

Belle Skin Bleach

The whiter the skin, the more beautiful you are perceived. That is the common view of people nowadays. There are a lot of bleaching creams out in the market to help you achieve lighter skin but this can be very expensive or dangerous. 118 more words