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'Suicide Squad' Director Responds To Terrible Reviews, Admits He'd Now 'Make Joker The Main Villain'

“Suicide Squad” may have been a worldwide blockbuster, earning nearly $750 million worldwide at the box office, but the DC Comics super-villain movie was also cursed with awful reviews. 392 more words


Mark Hamill Hilariously Reprises The Joker To Read Donald Trump's Meryl Streep-Bashing Tweets

Mark Hamill is at it again, with the iconic “Star Wars” star once again reviving his hilariously creepy voice of the Joker — which he’s provided for numerous animated TV series, movies, video games and the like since the early 1990s — to take a strip off Donald Trump. 171 more words


Mark Hamill Channels The Joker To Recite Trump's New Year's Eve Tweet, And It's Hilariously Creepy

Along with his signature role as Luke Skywalker of “Star Wars” fame, Mark Hamill is just as famous to animation fans for providing the insanely creepy voice of the Joker in the “Batman” animated TV series and movies. 212 more words


Let it bleed

Let it hurt.

Let it bleed.

Let it go.

Let thy heart.

Fill with the most blood….

And let it flow.

Let it hurt.

Let it bleed. 75 more words

A Story


Discover love

There is an old Slovenian saying that when the world was created, each land got something of its own: one got mountains, another sea, this one endless fields, that one dense forests… In the end, when all the lands were priding themselves on their luxuries, Slovenia spoke up: What about me? 1,534 more words


Slovenia's two paradise-lakes

Lake Bohinj

This is probably my favorite place of all time! When I arrived at lake Bohinj I just sat down by the water for like half an hour, to convince myself that I wasn‘t dreaming. 259 more words