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A Dumb But Potentially Awesome Idea

Okay, y’all.

This is maybe a dumb idea, but I’m posting this just to get a feel for it. Bear with me here as I explain. 1,090 more words


A Bleg (real posting to re-commence soon!)

If you have links to good posts, or references to decent scholarly material, on White Savior complex, please to leave them in comments. A friend is looking for refs, and I promised to help crowdsource!


On Pseudonymity, and the slight awkwardness thereof

Hi all. It’s been a while.

The really important thing I need my blogfriends, especially the historians, to know, is in the paragraph after the “But…” Please do read that, if you skip the rest, because I’m asking a personal favor that will cost you nothing but your goodwill :-) 741 more words

Signal Boost -- looking for a Leeds panelist, and a bleg for a panel

Passing this on for a friend:

Looking for a third speaker for Leeds 2012. Does anyone out there know of someone working on the letters of Fromund of Tegernsee who might be interested in presenting in a session on conventions of letter writing at Tegernsee in the 11th and 12th centuries? 114 more words

A bleg about tools and toys and software

Hello, all —

So, like many people, I’m thinking about eventually getting an iPad. I have been at a couple of conferences lately and just think it would be so much easier not to lug a full-sized computer around when I travel. 319 more words


Bleg: unramified and radicial morphisms

I’ve been trying to write up a bunch of notes on Zariski’s Main Theorem and its applications, which is the main reason I haven’t blogged in a while. 128 more words

Algebraic Geometry

Git server for CRing now up

Adeel Khan has set up a git server for the CRing project. In particular, you can follow how open source commutative algebra evolves in real time. 178 more words

Nerdifying The World