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My Photos: Pep Ventosa

Here are my own images in the style of photographer Pep Ventosa. To create them I used Photoshop to layer images together on top of each other. 68 more words


Using Blend Modes to Correct Overexposure

February 10, 2015

by Robert Hardy, nofilmschool

There are many simple methods to perform color and exposure correction on your footage.

However, if you’re a control freak (which, let’s be honest, many of us are), then layering your footage and using blend modes to mesh the layers together can provide unique and visually-pleasing results that can’t easily be achieved in any other way. 302 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreamy

Unusually this week I’m ahead of schedule for writing my blog posts. Usually I get around to it about Tuesday or Wednesday but as I was out yesterday experimenting with long exposures I thought one of the photographs from… 260 more words

North Wales

CMYK and blending modes

It’s tangent time! (Woah, it took the whole four posts to get to this point ;) ). This time I’m going to write about CMYK as color profile and the blend modes. 816 more words


Using Multiple Digital Tools to Enhance Dark Photos

One of the great things about digital scrapbooking is that you have the ability to change the look of your photos using a combination of Photoshop tools and digital elements. 648 more words

Digital Scrapbooking

From plain boring to....

Now I don’t know about you… but sometimes Photoshop puts the fear of God up me.  And the worst part is no matter how many videos you watch, until you get to grips with Photoshop, you feel as if you are a fish out of water at times. 427 more words


Making my own textures....

I love using textures in photographs… and as you may have guessed two of my favourite textures are these.

Now every time I use these two textures I could add them as separate layers and play around with the opacity and fill settings of the layers until I achieved the desired effect.   90 more words