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Starbucks Coffee Seminar

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Immerse yourself in the refreshing Starbucks Iced Coffee Blend; a crisp multi-region blend that’s well-balanced and caramelly smooth. This blend highlights the juiciest and sweetest coffee from Africa and Latin America. 218 more words


[Video Making Process] Blend Poster

Halo, Ayame balik lagi nih….
kali ini Ayame bawain kalian video proses pembuatan salah satu Blend Poster yang Ayame buat berdasarkan contoh dari kenssi-senpai, kalian bisa lihat tutorialnya… 11 more words


Manage Risk with Position Sizing

Position sizing should be part of your overall investment strategy regardless of what style of investing you use. It is intended to control downside risk. There are certain rules you should follow but like most things with stock investing you do have to customize the process to fit your personal needs and risk profile.. 503 more words


Bacterial Marathon

Imagine you’re relaxing on your couch, binge watching series or surfing the web (or both!).

Then an alien siren goes off declaring the end of humanity as we know it, the only way to escape being to run a full marathon. 607 more words



Blind: a form of burning that temporarily (or permanently) removes the reception of light by providing it in excess. It is a form of burning. A sunburn is also a form of blindness. 18 more words

Nature Photography

I talked about Grouse recently, and here we are, with a naked one.

And that’s what I told the officer. Unfortunately he forgot to write something down, blah blah blah, I’m not allowed at any avian sanctuaries anymore but no prison time. 411 more words