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Live By Coffee

Who knows where technology would be without coffee!!Hell,I don’t even know where I’d be! Money doesn’t grow on trees but thankfully coffee does.I have grown up drinking cold coffees on hot summer evenings.Those are my early memories of coffee.Since graduation,my day has to start with a cup of coffee.A brew will always see you through,served hot or cold.What on earth,could be more luxurious than a sofa,a book and a cup of coffee??Espresso,latte,one cup,two cups,fresh,roasted,grounded,blended,it all smells like freshly ground heaven.Disagreements with parents,fights with friends,horror at work,boyfriend problems,KEEP CALM & DRINK COFFEE.For me,clinging to the last shred of the morning,that tiny space of time,when no one speaks,nobody needs,nothing stirs,just ME,MY COFFEE and MY THOUGHTS is the moment I heart.


Microsoft Blend for Visual Studio Introduction

Microsoft Blend for Visual Studio is a software, developed by the Microsoft as a user interface design tool to create any graphical interfaces either for a web application or a desktop application . 160 more words


Refresh your day with Green Smoothie!

Hi everyone,

Today is my first blog post so please say Happy Blogday To Me! I want to start my first post, with a simple drink for everyone who feels tired from workload or study and want to refresh your day, a Green Smoothie. 585 more words


Watch the Official BlackBerry Leap Unboxing Video

BlackBerry Leap is available starting today in the UK through Vodafone and ShopBlackBerry.com (and other countries soon to follow). In what is becoming somewhat of a tradition, I sat down with the device to unbox it and walk through some of the main features. 185 more words


Toad Lives

Toad Lives

Yes, the West End

a soft feeling of home. 33 more words


I’ve decided to give the lipstick thing a little rest. Don’t worry, it won’t be long. Every now and then I’d like to throw in something else to keep it interesting. 860 more words

Rib Shack Red Vintage Blend

LCBO#: 392761
Price: $12.85
Made in: Western Cape, South Africa
By: DGB Wines
Year: 2014

Holy Moly this smells like candy ! Not complaining, but smells like those good bonbon that have a swirl of vanilla and berries. 83 more words