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Make it Student Centered.

I am a 2nd Grade Math/Science teacher at Keiko Davidson Elementary(KDE) in Katy, Texas.  My school is located in the heart of the energy corridor of Texas and most of our parents are engineers, top managers, doctors, lawyers, pro athletes or other professional. 676 more words

Learning the Past Using the Future

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This week, I received some excellent news! I was able to join a group of amazing and talented fellow ECI 834 folks to work on the online/blended course prototype project. 263 more words


Blending Social Justice

How can I use online or blended learning as a teacher? How could either of these options enhance the learning experience of my students. How can I change my pedagogy to use technology to change and enhance student learning? 328 more words

EC&I 834

Filling in the Gaps - A Must in Digital Learning

Some of the misconceptions of teaching and learning in a digital environment is that instruction comes from the computer and the teacher’s role is primarily making sure students have fixed attention to their computer screen.  605 more words

Innovative Leadership

Choosing the content is INTEGRAL to creating an online/blended course

When given the course prototype assignment for EC&I 834, my mind initially started racing….which course should I do, should I try more than one, are certain courses too hard and to be avoided…and, most prominently…. 636 more words


The Pride and Power of Michigan Educators

It is no secret that being an educator is an incredibly complex profession. It is also a rewarding profession. Yet to someone who does not teach, that has only the perspective of being a student or a parent, the profession can seem simple at best and “less than” or hopeless at worst. 966 more words