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A Tale of Blended Learning as an Itinerant Teacher: My Pass and Fails...

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Did you note the plural on “fail” in the title… Yup, that was on purpose. As a classroom teacher, I really enjoyed using a blended learning approach with my students. 1,094 more words


Blended Music LMS = Significant Difference

When asked to choose any topic of interest this week, I immediately revisited the idea of Myth of No Significant Difference. Not shockingly, these thoughts surfaced around the same time as my feelings of overwhelmedness about the amount of work that I am going to have to do shortly to finish my blended Music 9 course prototype. 567 more words

Ed. Tech.

The Education Method and Organization

It was wonderful that day I met Larry Lawrence at a Chicago Hotel frequented by Al Capone (The Drake Hotel). We were in Chicago for the National Public Education conference. 1,974 more words


Blended Learning in Physics gets the whole group engaged ...

During the past four weeks, our staff has been studying and reflecting over what blended learning is and how does it, could it and should it work in our school.   454 more words

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Blending Google Forms with Fraction Work

Today we took an assessment covering multiplication and division of fractions and decimals. I changed things up a bit, however, by having students record their answers in Google Forms. 31 more words


Exploiting Lynda...

Don’t think from the title this is some sort of sketchy sex worker post !P

I’m talking about the excellent, nay, the unparalleled Lynda.com video software tutorial resource. 168 more words

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Blended Learning- So.Many.Questions.

So I love the idea of blended learning.  I love that students have the ability to navigate their own learning but still have access to a teacher and opportunity to collaborate with their peers.   611 more words