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Blender Refresher - Extrude

So, I’ve decided to wait for ARKit and iOS 11 to officially release next month before I start playing around with beta dev tools. As such, I have decided to revisit some of my old blender tutorials from udemy.com. 250 more words


Full Perm-ZAFIA Goggles Steampunk.

Original Mesh with only 1LI. Very easy to make your own textures as it contains all the necessary maps that serve as an easy guide to make them. 12 more words


Must Have Kitchen Accessories To Make Your Life Easier

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house, but you don’t want to spend your entire life there. Although some people have a passion for cooking, sometimes efficiency matters, and we need to save time to do other things in life, such as catching up with our latest Netflix binge. 470 more words

Home Interiors

Blender Sub-D impact on animation playback

I noticed that the Subdivision Surface modifier in Blender significantly slows down the animation playback even if the mesh isn’t animated,
So my advice is, either apply the modifier when possible or set it to be disabled in viewport and enabled only in rendering.


Blender - Džbánek&&Hrníček

Ahoj, dneska Vám pouze ukážu s čím jsem si včera hrála a co jsem vytvořila :). Džbánek je podle reálného produktu, který mi ležel celý den před očima. 43 more words


Dr. Gravity Channel Art Render

As of August 16, 2017, This is the channel art that is used by Dr.GravityGaming. I had designed one before this, but it was very plain. 12 more words


Blender - Animace chůze

Nádherný den přeji, :)

dneska se opět vyjádřím a ukáži vám můj progress v 3D grafice za včerejšek. Tentokrát jsem se rozhodla, že se budu věnovat animaci a zkusím zanimovat již mnou vytvořenou postavičku. 469 more words