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How To Clean Blender With Just 30 Seconds

Making a juice, smoothie, or baby food, it becomes easy and fast with the help of a blender. However, often people are lazy to wash the blender with difficult and troublesome reasons. 191 more words


An awsome free software for you

Whether you are doing a profesional 3D modeling or you are in it for fun, Blender is one of the best softwares out there. the fact that it is a cross platform and a totally free open source software makes it a perfect choice for everybody. 280 more words


Today I made this low poly in Blender.

So today I made this awesome background for my PC and you can download it here!


Banana and Date Smoothie

One of the first items I carried over to my new apartment last week was my Magic Bullet Blender. I’ll admit, I’m not sure why I did that, since I use it a lot and hadn’t actually brought any food with me to the new place, but there it was, sitting on an empty counter, waiting to be plugged in after an exhausting day of moving boxes. 179 more words


HEREJE , the final results

After 5 months, We have finally finished the course and deliver the videogame to be evaluated.

As a sum up of the experience, I had an exciting time developing thi videogame. 175 more words


very tired but got some terraining done :)

I’m glad I chose to switch to Blender to work on my terrain, there are more sculpting tools and no brush size restriction unlike in unity and it’s more direct than l3dt could ever be (honestly, the sculpting tool in l3dt is quite horrible, it’s too slow on larger terrains, so that any change I did was taking forever to show up and was freezing the program at times, not to mention quite clumsy interface to handle brushsizes and such) 119 more words

Game Development

ENTRETIEN avec Amad, consultant en image et styliste (A mad style)

Plus d’infos 
Instagram: amadstyle

//////////////////////////////////////////                                                                            ENTRETIEN AVEC AMAD
‘‘Je suis un syrien du style’’

Petite présentation ?
Je m’appelle Amad’, mais ça, on s’en fiche, non ?! 1,505 more words