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Already, school year?

It’s because I jinxed myself. I wrote yesterday about Bee’s enthusiasm for the school year and how much she was enjoying math. The castle of cards hasn’t exactly crashed to the table, yet, but it sure is wobbling. 334 more words

Blessed And Possessed

Quote of the day.

The scene: Jeff, Bee and I were sitting at the kitchen table, talking about her day, and somehow everything kept coming back to math. (Perhaps having our family friend and all around favorite person as her math teacher has something to do with that, no?) Bee started talking about jobs and designing airplanes. 56 more words

Blessed And Possessed

Five for Friday: The School Edition.

Hello, goodbye first week of school. Which: ugh. So many conflicting emotions. Most parents are jumping-up-and-down excited to get their kids out of the house! And while I am rather looking forward to getting back on a schedule after the free-for-all of summer, there are also a lot of changes and minor catastrophes going on with school that is making this week not my favorite. 925 more words

Blessed And Possessed

One small step for Mom and Dad; one giant leap for Gracie.

“There’s no way she needs a phone before junior high.” Famous last words at Casa de Katie. Gracie struck out for 6th grade (which, in some parts around here… 650 more words

Blessed And Possessed

First day flutters.

They’re gone.

Bee-girl got out of the car first, clutching the bag of school supplies that wouldn’t fit in her backpack in one hand, and her lunch in the other, scurrying across the street to stand with a group of friends while she waited for the school to open its doors for the early crowd. 464 more words

Blessed And Possessed

Quote of the Day.

I have more Princess Bride Legos, but bless it: I didn’t fall asleep until 3:30 a.m. last night and so I’m finding it hard to focus on saving and captioning them all. 250 more words

Blessed And Possessed

And I can't even wash my hands of it.

Yesterday was not my favorite day.

I decided – rather sillily, as it turns out – to stop procrastinating and look at the girls’ respective schedules for their separate schools to try to figure out how we would manage to get them to and from school. 732 more words

Blessed And Possessed