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Hunh. You *can't* hear me now.

Every parent knows about those special little moments when you feel like the Mom or Dad of the Year. You know, like when your 11-year-old lifts her head up off the couch and mentions to you that she can’t hear anything when that ear is covered, because that’s her only working ear, but then you forget all about it because it’s right before the rush of bedtime and prepping for the next day. 400 more words

Blessed And Possessed

How Santa Claus is different from dinosaurs, I'm not sure.

The Christmas season is in full swing at Casa de Katie – and you can just hold all your moans and groans because it almost undid me, and I think that’s punishment enough. 818 more words

Blessed And Possessed

Well hello there, handsome.


I looked over and saw the Xman playing with a Ken doll on the coffee table, counting and making grunting noises as he made him do pushups. 101 more words

Blessed And Possessed

Trick and treating, ghost-town style.

Is it just me, or was Halloween this year a little….off? I mean, I did my usual buy-way-more-candy-than-I-could-possibly-need thing, figuring that Halloween was on a Saturday and our usually-busy neighborhood would be even more off the hook. 628 more words

Blessed And Possessed

Five for Friday.

Mmmmm…coffee. Coffee is especially delicious this morning. Especially delicious because

1. It’s flooding outside. Again. Oh, sure, the actual flooding and wind shear (seriously – the words “wind shear” are in the forecast) aren’t supposed to start until later, but someone forgot to tell the rain that. 697 more words

Blessed And Possessed

Not duck-pumpkins...although those might be cuter.

Bee, naturally, could not stop talking about the duck-pumpkins. I was having a hard time imagining why they would add a ducky head and tail (and cute little ducky feet!) to a pumpkin, but it still sounded awfully cute. 311 more words

Blessed And Possessed

A 24-Hour Readathon Recap, 24 hours later.

Another Dewey’s 24-Hour Readathon is in the books and wow, what a ride it was! I got through a lot of books, surpassing my early guess of six; my girls participated just like they said (and about as much as I predicted, happily); and I stuck with it longer than I though I could! 975 more words

Blessed And Possessed