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I've Been Compared 

I’ve been compared. Not by anyone in my life recently. Just by myself & my mind. I’ve been comparing myself.

I’ve been comparing my life, things I say, things I do, my happiness, my joy, my body, my face, my social media likes, everything you can think of I’ve been comparing to others & there things to. 332 more words


Why is it that when we have so much, we always want more? Why is it that when we are at our lowest, we are more thankful for what we have? 351 more words

Home in Perkasie

This morning, I attended worship at St. Andrew’s Evangelical Lutheran Church in Perkasie. In fact, I preached there today. This was a very special day for me, because St. 1,011 more words


Refuge in the storm

I’ll fight with you no matter how hard the battle is.. 

We spend so much time running from who we are meant to be. We forget to see the good we can do because we are so afraid of shaking things up.  501 more words

Be Blessed or Be Warned

It is the year 2017 and still, it never ceases to amaze me what people will do despite being warmed of what the potential outcome could be. 1,202 more words


What it feels like sleeping on a bed after 2 months

After a series of crazy events and such, I have been blessed to feel well-rested and not sore after waking up this morning, couldn’t be more ready to take on the day and difficulities of adulting . 390 more words

Accident 701; Around January 2016


Today I saw the most incredible vision of Your face and the meaning of Communion.

In church today, at Los Osos Christian Fellowship, I was engaged in worship when I asked the Holy Spirit to show me the meaning of Communion. 277 more words