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After Pope blessing, Duterte challenges abusive priests to 'showdown'

(Source: www.channelnewsasia.com)

MANILA: Undeterred by a blessing from Pope Francis, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte launched an angry rebuke on Thursday of priests and bishops critical of his drug war, accusing them of homosexuality, corruption and of abusing children. 478 more words

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Love Like an Ocean

It is much easier to give a piece of your mind than a piece of your heart.

The mind recovers, it processes out the pain, and it hides what has been done. 453 more words

My Story

Blessings are labelled!

I try to learn spiritual truths from everyday occurrence. When things happen to me, I want to know what spiritual truths I can learn and hold on to. 869 more words

#BLESSED = Health & Wealth??

In the Western church, we assume that wealth, health, happiness, and good relationships are all signs of God’s favor. This is sometimes true… but not always. 650 more words

Christian Life

Working Out Again

So, I decided this post-mourning body needed to get back in shape again (figure eight and not round), so I have been doing non-weight lifting calisthetics every or every other day. 192 more words


"Churching" — Maybe it's time this celebration of motherhood was renewed

“Long ago,” when I was an altar boy, oftentimes a woman would come up to me (or whoever was serving) before Mass and ask us to tell Father she wanted to be… 512 more words

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Friday: Morning Prayer


Week of Prayer for Christian Unity:  This week, culminating on Unity Sunday is set apart by the church all across the world as a time to search our hearts and set our intentions on fulfilling the great desire of the Lord Jesus,  2,263 more words