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A Heart of Love

“One of the hardest things in life is having works in your heart that you can’t utter.”  – James Earl Jones

Tonight I received a text relaying some news that was not easy to receive.     588 more words


Sum Total

So many people have the idea that God is going to grade on the curve. We say to ourselves, “We’re bad, but we’re not as bad as so-and-so.” 207 more words

Daily Devotions


In today’s first reading (Jeremiah 1: 1, 4-10), God again overrules Jeremiah’s objection that he is too young and is not gifted as an orator to become a prophet by the words “I WILL BE WITH YOU.” 97 more words


My Heaven on Earth!

Someday I won’t be able to come home and find all 4 of my kids playing happily together, today is NOT that day!

Tom and I came home from dinner to find the house empty and all 4 of our kids and dog at the park playing together.  110 more words


My Mission Statement and Declaration of Faith

I am a Christian. Because I am a Christian I seek to honor and glorify God in all that I do, whether it is volunteer work or a paying job, and whether it is my regular day job or my freelance work. 824 more words


The Gift of Friendship

she’s a true blessing: very centered, wise & kind. take comfort in the gift of your friendship. accept it with gratitude. 6 more words

Right Brain

The Day I Stopped Wearing Eye Make-up

July 14. Not exactly a cataclysmic day of remembrance. It’s not like I have ever followed the fashion styling of Tammy Faye Baker or anything…it’s just the day I remember NOT putting even my usual hint of eyeliner-&-mascara on. 453 more words