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Maybe Day 1 yet today....

This morning a new doctor on Jen’s case came to see her. A new look at her brings a new view and a different approach. Although we were disappointed Jen didn’t start chemo yesterday, the delay may have been a blessing in disguise. 281 more words


Blessings Taken Away

Remember that if a blessing has been taken away, and you find you can’t do something you used to do easily, it’s because of your sins.





brace us from falling

Gifts used for our talents

Offering greetings

Handshakes & hugs

The first ones to wipe our tears away

Cover the creases from laughter… 101 more words


Dora's 1st Christmas 

I’m late on posting and I’m making it my goal today and tomorrow to get my blog updated especially with school starting on Thursday. The last two weeks have been a blur with the holidays and Dora’s birthday. 401 more words

You Might Be On An Extended Fast If.....

You’re at work and 3 people graciously decide on the same day to bring donuts for everyone.


The food in the dog bowl is actually looking and smelling pretty good. 654 more words

My Heart Is Too Small

I don’t know if it was the glow of the salt lamp radiating off your cherub cheeks or the way the air escaped your sweet lips as I cradled your tiny body in my arms, rocking gently in the dark of night. 104 more words