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Day 39

Today a blimp landed in the fortified parking lot of the Costco. It was Aditya, believe it or not, with a whole bunch of engineers. They were planning on flying their weird-ass dirigible thing to Canada and asked us if we wanted to join. 71 more words

God!!...Keep Me Afloat...

These are the pictures I took as I saw an airship hovering over my house, in the skies above.

The airship had a business name on it: … 252 more words


Cat Naps

(That’s Yogi for relax and leave the flying to autopilot …and Toodles!)

The 9 Lives Of Buffalo Tom Peabody & Gunther Tootie

Buffalo Tom Peabody

Environmentalists launch blimp to call on people to join "kayak flotilla" to stop Shell oil drilling rigs


On Thursday morning, environmentalists gathered at Jack Perry Memorial Park to launch a blimp reading “ShellNo, Join the Flotilla!” The blimp floated upwards of 150 feet in the air and served as an effort to both bring attention to the eventual docking of Shell oil drilling rigs in Seattle waters—terminal 5 at the Port of Seattle to be specific—and call on the public to participate in direct action via a kayak flotilla to halt the Shell fleet in its tracks. 119 more words

Blimp Rock - Sophomore Slump

Blimp Rock
Album – Sophomore Slump
7 April 2015 (Fanstastic!)
Pre-order the album here

When Ontario four-piece Blimp Rock isn’t busy funding a $700k festival on a blimp over Lake Ontario, they somehow manage to find the time to create some affectionately cheeky and lovingly playful sing-a-long tunes. 234 more words