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Contender For World's Most Unsettling Drone?

We’re not sure what FESTO is advertising with their odd flying beach ball. Amongst inspirational music it gently places its translucent appendage over a water bottle and then engulfs it with an unsettling plastic sound. 126 more words

Robots Hacks

Result of hard rock addiction

Oh, to endure the endless curiosity of the turtle-slow tourists and the daily smirking of the concrete addicted people movers. 905 must sigh at the absurdity. 403 more words


Return of the Age of the Airship

During World War I, Germany was at a disadvantage in one very important aspect of warfare: its navy was severely outclassed by Britain’s. Before the war began, H.G. 495 more words


Connect & Tags

Day Six. The photo I’m posting is a picture of a blimp with cameras that kept us connected to what was happening on the football field of a Dallas Cowboys game. 22 more words



Curve-billed Thrasher

In my yard lately…


Giant Swallowtail

Gila Woodpecker, male

This guy, above, is the 9th species I’ve seen partaking of the orange halves in our yard. 57 more words


Rocky De La Fuente for POTUS Blimp floats over Carson City


A blimp bearing the banner of a presidential candidate encircled Carson City Sunday morning.

One side of the blimp displayed the political message in English, and the other side was printed in Spanish. 29 more words

A Home for War Blimps: Tillamook Air Museum, Oregon

Today, the only time you’re likely to see a zeppelin is when it’s hovering over a football game or a parade, advertising Goodyear, for instance, or MetLife. 77 more words