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Fleeting Blimps

Cool air wafts
iridescent cords,
hanging onto breezes
I’ll never intoxicate.

Below dayspring blue,
I see you wave hello;
touch a dimension
only mountains dream of.

dirigible, blimp

What’s the difference between a dirigible and a blimp?

They have the same general form, but you don’t want to be misled. It’s tempting to assume, as I did for so many years, that the difference between the airships is visible when they’re deflated: a di… 445 more words

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Blimp adds to TV coverage of Wyndham Championship

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — The best thing about riding in the MetLife Blimp over Winston-Salem was there weren’t any signs of drones.

That made for clear flying and a nice trip Thursday morning, despite plenty of cloud cover. 114 more words


Goodyear Tire to Replace a Blimp in Honor of Its 90 Year In-Air Publicity Anniversery

Goodbye, “Spirit of America.” Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.’s Los Angeles-based GZ-20A model airship will be decommissioned in mid-August 2015 after more than 8,000 flights. 471 more words

Fresno State's athletic department is getting its own blimp

Fresno State to cover the Valley with a 150-foot blimp. #BeBold Story: http://t.co/KoVuWqQ13l pic.twitter.com/IaM8ebqIfC

— Fresno St. Bulldogs (@FSAthletics) August 13, 2015

As some teams are fawning over their new uniforms for the upcoming football season, Fresno State is excited for a bigger piece of equipment: A new blimp.

109 more words

Blimp Travel

Pirate’s got a problem with insulting Knight. In fairness, both Knight and Pirate are really light since they’re kids, but one wears armor. Also, I learned the difference between blimps and zeppelins today. 9 more words


Latest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Turtle Blimp Vehicle

1. If your turtle will not eat, attempt soaking the food in water initially. Or, if you’re constantly there watching your turtle, he may in no way come eat the food. 324 more words