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A sweet day at the New York City Chocolate Show!

A day without chocolate is a day without sunshine.

I feel extremely honored to have attended the 2012 Chocolate Show in New York City. Last Tuesday, I unexpectedly received an email about this event stating “You have been added to the media list“.

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Goodbye Primehouse: a great restaurant is no more

Primehouse: (2007-2012)

I will sorely miss Primehouse, a New York City restaurant which the history books will classify as a steakhouse but which meant incredibly more to me. 699 more words

The Yankees' collapse: who didn't see that coming?

What happened to the Yankees?

Beautiful on the outside, flawed on the inside: thus was the state of the New York Yankees when, approximately six weeks ago, they possessed the lead in their division by ten games and the best record in major league baseball. 818 more words

Review: Great pizza at Gruppo

If you are a fan of first-rate thin crust pizza with well proportioned cheese, sauce, and toppings, it is hard to find a much better selection than Gruppo.

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New review: Dylan Prime, steakhouse excellence!

“You’re not special because you are blind, you’re just like everybody else.”

– Our server Kieron at Dylan Prime

Let’s go beyond the senses!

Naturally, I can taste a great steak, smell freshly baked bread, or hear 1980’s rock music being played at a comfortable level at any given restaurant.

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Revisiting my Vosges chocolate taste test!

Introduction :

What can I say about the marvelous creation of chocolate that has not been said before? (That’s rhetorical, don’t all answer at once) First, it’s probably my favorite food, and yes: it is a food! 2,042 more words

The True Top Five Steakhouses in New York City

The mystery of the steakhouse:

Exorbitant steakhouses are the name of the game here in New York City: that’s the bottom line. It seems as if every Zagat rated establishment in this category is obliged to charge north of $30 and as much as $60 for a piece of meat; even if it is a transporting slice of filet mignon. 1,664 more words