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Prepared to be "Blindsided" on March 1

The Rope-a-Dope 2 duo of Eric Jacobus and Clayton Barber will unleash their latest short film on March 1.

Entitled Blindsided, the film stars Jacobus as Walter Cooke, a blind man and apple pie connoisseur whose trip to the neighborhood corner store puts him to use his skills in martial arts against a group who is shaking down the store’s owner, played by action actor… 27 more words

American Films

"Do you still not understand?"

The faithless seek signs; the faithful show mercy, as we read in Mark 8:11-26.

The Pharisees came forward and began to argue with Jesus,
seeking from him a sign from heaven to test him. 771 more words

God's Word

The Good Shepherd

Jesus continued teaching with this story (118).  “A thief or a robber doesn’t enter the sheep pen by the gate; he climbs in some other way. 386 more words

Jesus Helps Us All See God

When Jesus heard that the Pharisees had expelled from the temple the man whose blindness he had healed, he went to find the man (117).  “Do you believe in the Messiah?” Jesus asked.   155 more words

The healing of the blind man

I love the story of the blind man being healed by the Savior that is found in the book of John. It not only records the experience of the Savior healing him, but also demonstrates the faith that is required for anyone who would be healed by God. 835 more words


The Blind Man Insists Jesus Helped Him See

Then the Pharisees called back the man who had been born blind (116).  “Promise before God that you will tell the truth! We know that this man who cured you is a sinner.” 214 more words