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Are You in "Meltdown?"

The WSJ reviewed “Meltdown: Why Our Systems Fail and What We Can Do About It”  by Chris Clearfield and Andras Tilcsik.  I haven’t had a chance to peruse it yet in detail yet, its on my pile in the ever present quest to identify new issues.  234 more words

How to listen? - Don't talk!

Simon Sinek offers a simple, yet powerful, rule for leaders to be better listeners. Refrain from sharing your opinion until everyone else has spoken! It is his… 225 more words


"People Are Our Most Important Assets..."

…But most projects do literally nothing to set teams up to succeed!

I’ve shouted repeatedly that people are the key to successful projects.   Unfortunately… 540 more words

"Little Shit" is the Jumping Point to Recognize New Opportunities

A few weeks ago my son and I went to see Jad Abumrad, creator and host of NPR’s RadioLab.  It was part of a series on storytelling co-hosted by the Curran Theater in San Francisco.  578 more words

"Ruthlessly realistic"

“Stop pretending.”
“How did they treat you?”
“No such thing as color blind.”
“Being comfortable being uncomfortable”

These are strong words that capture the essence of a TED talk I want to share with you. 101 more words


Can you hear me?

Are you reacting differently to these quotes? Would it be different if they weren’t attached to the photos or attributed to a specific person?

This isn’t a new phenomenon but it seems to be getting worse. 295 more words

Building Teams

Take Off Your Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Blinders

I once witnessed a rather nasty car accident. It was a busy intersection with four lanes of traffic plus left and right turn lanes in all four directions. 873 more words

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