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Light and Heat

The world feels white hot with anger, acrimony, and hand-wringing. As a recovering political junkie, I get it. Issues matter. Words matter. People matter. They… 132 more words

IT has a serious credibility problem and does not realize it

One challenge for many IT organizations is that of credibility. In a recent post, I discussed the importance of credibility and the network effect in IT. 640 more words


2017 Blind Spot: The Seventh Seal Review

So continuing my go through foreign language films I wanted to go to another heavily acclaimed director, Ingmar Bergman. Now Bergman’s films are ones that I’ve not been sure whether I’d like. 676 more words

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you can't wake a person that is pretending to be asleep

I am still learning to love the parts of me that no one claps for.
(Rudy Francisco)

I was listening to myself speak lately and I realised that I was carrying a lot of unspoken stress. 1,267 more words


You Don't Know What You Don't Know

I’ve used this phrase a lot over the past year or so.  I did not know that it originated with Socrates, one of the greatest minds in human history. 148 more words


2017 Blind Spot: Ran

For the next film I wanted to cover for this years Blind Spot list, I wanted to go to one director whose films I should be a lot more familiar with, Akira Kurosawa. 932 more words

Classic Reviews

Blind Spots

I’ve been filling in some gaps recently and it’s been immensely satisfying. That’s the upside—the downside is that in sharing those gaps, I shall have to confess to an embarrassing level of ignorance. 775 more words