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Here’s Some Feedback for Law Firms – Your Feedback Isn’t Working!

There – I’ve said it and got it off my chest! Phew – that feels a lot better!

But it won’t make any difference for several reasons , including: 445 more words

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2016 Blind Spot: Sunset Boulevard

So for my next blind spot film, I wanted to go back to one of the classics. One of the quintessential films about the movie industry. 1,040 more words

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Adventures in Plating ala Pollock

Stained, poured, spattered, seeped, imprinted, feathered, and the oh-so-famous: dripped. Artworks in the DMA’s Jackson Pollock: Blind Spots radiate action verbs that describe both how Pollock made his art and how the art continued to transform once the paint/ink hit the canvas/paper. 580 more words

Works Of Art

Where do I start?

I guess the simple answer is to start with ourselves and our team. As leaders our opportunity to make a difference starts with the culture of respect we create within our own team. 371 more words


'painting with the immediacy of drawing...'

One of the stand out exhibitions of 2015 was for me Jackson Pollock: Blind Spots at Tate Liverpool from 30th June – 18th October. Instead of offering another re-imagining of Pollock’s famed ‘drip technique’, the exhibition, as the title suggests, offered a valuable new insight into a period we are not so familiar with. 471 more words


Not a Blind Turn, But a Blind Spot

There’s blind turns… as in unexpected challenges around the next curve of life… and then there’s blind spots… like the ones that can cause a major accident. 172 more words

Blind spots

My first job after active duty in the Navy was with a technology company in Northern Virginia. Initially I was assigned to work on a project for NavSea 07, the submarine programs office. 975 more words

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