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Blind Sea Lion Finds New Home At California Zoo

LOS ANGELES (AP) — He’s big and he’s loud.

A nearly 700-pound blind California sea lion named Buddy has taken up residence at the Los Angeles Zoo, where his vocalizations can be heard throughout the 133-acre (54-hectare) facility. 111 more words


100 Words a Day #129

‘Mr. Johnson?  Right this way into the examination room.  Have a seat.  Ok, says here you are having problems with your vision.

‘Yes, I can’t see.’ 75 more words

That Eclipse Was... Something

Hot day for eclipse talk. You were either the type of person who was excited for this spectacle, or the type of person who laughed at the people who were excited. 590 more words


Total Eclipse of the...

I am not the bravest warrior on the battlefield, let’s face it, elementary school principal isn’t exactly the most daring profession in the world (important yes), but its not like I am running into a burning building to save someone’s 13 year-old Siamese cat or fighting ISIS soldiers who strap suicide bombs to themselves. 226 more words

Accessibility Training: Three Simple Steps to Make Websites Accessible

Today, I wanted to share a training video I produced on the occasion of this year’s Global Accessibility Awareness Day, May 18, 2017. I highlight three simple but important techniques to make websites accessible. 143 more words

A Special Pianist- Chapter 3

-There’s no way I’m going to do that, Meg!- I shook my head.

-Oh come on Vera, you’re you’re an awesome pianist and you’re beautiful too, what are you afraid of?- 769 more words