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Going Blind: But am not blind yet!

This is the thing I have been working on most recently. Also the first thing I painted since getting the news. Not going to lie.. alone at 1:00 am in my studio, I cried a little as I was painting.  154 more words


Looking at your situation

“Looking at only one side of our life can make us blind to the many other ways of looking at our situation.” ~ Unknown
Monthly Post 2016

Review: All The Light We Cannot See

Stones are just stones and rain is just rain and misfortune is just bad luck. Some things are simply more rare than others, and that’s why there are locks.”

277 more words


My love of feeble hands and rusty touch.

I took you for my lover in haste and in rush.

Lying in labours of love,  I told too much. 120 more words

Life Hack (Based on A True Story)

Imagine the situation when you are surrounded with people that you are totally unfamiliar with. And somehow you fall down and everyone starts to laugh at you. 294 more words


The A to Z of me

Dear reader, thanks heaps for following this blog! I now have 1000 followers!
I was quite shocked to be honest; I thought the only people who read this were a few friends and my Mum. 849 more words

Making Your Blog Accessible: Graphic Designing for the Blind and Hard of Sight

Featured image is by Phillipe Put, “blind guy
Image description: Out of focus braille text over an even more out of focus silhouette of what appears to be a white man. 583 more words

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