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My Spark of Clarity

I see it all so clearly, it is right in front of our eyes and we fail to see the essence behind the man-made fiction depicted as “truth”. 717 more words


Full flask, silver moon

To drink heart’s torpid fill; not

Rue in morning’s glare.

Ghost-love muse will soothe moist brow

As I lie blind, amnesic.

© Valida, 2015


Great Guide for Getting Youngsters Hooked on Braille

Dr. Laurel J. Hudson’s book, “Introducing Braille” is a perfect instructional tool for teachers and family members to help youngsters embrace literacy through Braille. 126 more words

Coping With Vision Loss

Man who lost sight uses humor to live well with vision loss

A fantastically uplifting feature about a man who lost his sight and decided laughter was the way to deal with his challenges, was the cover story in the recently released Summer 2015 issue of “ 161 more words

Coping With Vision Loss

fuck it all away

The answer to everything. Push aside and fuck away all the problems, all the feelings, all the doubt. Fuck it away until you cannot even think. 504 more words

Glimpse Inside My Noggin