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Blind Faith

When Jesus and his students were leaving Jericho, a large crowd followed them (158).

Two blind beggars were sitting by the road & heard that Jesus was passing by; one of them was named Bartimaeus.  131 more words

Roxy Love

Luscious lips that I kiss.
I just wanted you to want me.
So foreign we are, one of a kind.
So it bloomed behind me. 141 more words

To Touch is to See

What is the place of hand sanitizer in a museum when all you are constantly reminded is to not touch the exhibits? But till June 28, the Prado Museum in Madrid will keep those at hand. 188 more words


Tag Team Dream Pt 1 - Dream 1

Another typical church setting with the ordained one coming to church was what the core dreamed about as she slept. This one was different though. Days before, it was a setting where she desired the ordained one coming back to church and coming back into her life. 1,109 more words


Sit, Stare, and Hope.

They walk blindly 

Gazing into the shadows

Streaks of light mirrored by the street lights

They walk 

Blindly, hoping for a better day 

They hold their breath and wish for more… 13 more words

The Fox's Word.