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Twitch Streamer Completes Super Mario World In Twenty Three Minutes... Blindfolded!

So, you think you’re pretty slick when it comes to your Mario skills?

Prepare to be humbled.

Twitch streamer PangaeaPanga,  who describes himself as a Super Mario tool assisted speed runner, completed Super Mario World in what is being a considered world record breaking time of 23 minutes and 14 seconds. 44 more words


A 30 min blindfold surprise

Last Friday…CamMan and I were talking about our weekend plans.

Sat: Run, Buy a new bed, FiesT’s surprise 30th Bday party, & dinner and a bonfire with friends to meet their new baby. 441 more words

Lil Kiddies Stories

There is a thriving community of speedrunners out there that race through some of the best known games in history. There are many forms of speedrunning from finding complex glitches in the game world to zip past large portions of the experience, to tool assisted/emulator runs where gamers dig right into the code of the game. 211 more words


Pony Boot Camp -- Part Twenty-Three

Jinba Ittai

First thing after the big morning fall-in was corral training. For reasons nobody had bothered revealing to us we were to be fitted with full tack right from the start – which paved the way for another gratuitous dressing scene. 3,810 more words


"Direction of Heaven"

If you walk blindfolded
will you trip

If you don’t look down
will you fall 26 more words



when the bills are due and you’re just ‘not there’ yet
when everything you spend cuts into the rent
when your problems point to the promises… 30 more words


The King's Gambit

Sacrifice not always is selfless
A pawn suicide, few steps taken back
Destroyed an army of whites

Please bear with this post as this is my first attempt with Haiku (5-7-5). 149 more words