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4.28.2016: Sinful


On my knees I waited. It seemed to be that I’d never earn his touch. I knew that he was nearby because his scent drifted to me with every breeze from the open window. 869 more words


Blindfolded Demo

The Dancing Lobsters team has taken up the Blindfolded project! The basic look and feel has been accomplished within Unity, and we plan to elevate it to a multiplayer arena experience.


don't cry wolf

The Wolf’s eyes

narrowed at his winter’s final feast

 his look of hunger melted the snow beneath me

pinning me like a wall mounted trophy… 141 more words


Se dovessi

Se dovessi riprendere il filo di discorsi già caduti prima ancora di essere avviati.
Se dovessi raccogliere parole quasi fossero foglie spazzate via dal vento e confuse con quei pensieri che d’inverno si attardano nella mente fino a che il sonno non prende il sopravvento e riconduce tutto a più miti consigli. 104 more words


In Your Eyes I See Spring

I always was the eager child
To be seen, to be heard, to be loved,
It felt good
It gave me sense of belonging on earth… 221 more words


Handcuffed and Blindfolded

Photos from us playing with handcuffs. She is blindfolded and prety helpless ….

amateur bondage blog

amateur bondage blog

amateur bondage blog

amateur bondage blog… 15 more words