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Fire burning.

I want to be alone with you in a room with a fireplace; I would be lying before the fire, naked and blindfolded. Your lips on mine and then, in the dark and in the warmth of the fire, let your lips draw the map of every centimeter of my body.


My Ouija board is broken!

My skeptical mind started to form during my PhD in England. While there, I lived together with my very good friend (let’s call her Kreszentia)  724 more words


Day 172 - The Initiation

“Scared, niño?” she asked, mocked concern filling her voice. 371 more words

The Phantasmagoria


I’ve just got home from work and it’s just after midnight, it’s been an eventful day. I have finally had the remaining 3 hours completed on the beginning of my full sleeve tattoo. 223 more words


I’m glad I can do so many difficult things blindfolded. That way, I can’t be afraid of my own shadow.


What Happens When Total Strangers Kiss Blindfolded?

What if you met someone for the first time while kissing them blindfolded? How would you imagine them? How would it effect seeing them for the first time afterwards? 121 more words