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Dusokute : In your eyes

As the days go by, you seem to awaken like someone from a deep slumber and start to point out my faults,one by one.Each time you tell me one,my heart feels like it’s been pierced by an arrow.For you, it’s just words after all. 230 more words


Losing A Sense - #SinfulSunday

Taking away one sense heightens the others, that what he tells me anyway. I don’t believe him.

He ties the blindfold around my head, tells me to lay back on the bed and not to move, he will be right back. 97 more words


Blinded by Strawberry, Wine, Chilis and Honey

yours I say…
soft to touch
calls to kiss with a flick of tongue
satin sash to blacken light
where taste is now the only sight… 146 more words


The unmasking

Show me what it means to be yours.  Show me your dark side.  I’m ready for the pain and the pleasure of that discovery…


Blindfolded Mystery Shake! (Fred Newman Shake)

On January 5th, 1978, a man named Fred Newman made 88 free throws while blindfolded.  To celebrate, I make a milkshake with mystery ingredients while blindfolded!

– Jacob

Viral Video: Blindfolded "Punch-Out"

A guy beat the game “Punch-Out” while blindfolded.

Some guy on YouTube just posted this video where he beats the Nintendo game “Punch-Out” BLINDFOLDED.

It’s 34 minutes long, and he has trouble with the MIKE TYSON character at the end. 14 more words