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Blindfolded Fairy

Day 278 – Blindfolded Fairy

Drawn with a coloured biro on some white paper whilst blindfolded. This was a lot more tricky than I envisaged that it would be but I’m actually pleasantly surprised how fairy-like it looks.


Bruised, Blind-folded, Buffeted

Confused, bewildered, and condemned

Was how the man did feel,

Tossed, torn, badgered and buffeted

A fish hooked on a reel

Pulled here and there with various… 271 more words

Introducing drw: a "useful tool" to solve a "practical problem".

(I have gripes that I need to get out of my system. I think that documenting my approach to a coding task could demonstrate some points I want to make, and help me give some ideas solid grounding.) 1,035 more words


Blindfolded Devon gets his brutal comeuppance

I’ll do a post-beatdown breakdown soon, but since it’s the last day of the month (and my clip store-hosting site pays out monthly) I wanted to throw this post up noting that… 36 more words

Muscle Worship

Happy Folsom unless you're wholesome

I’m gonna go ahead and unlist this clip because YouTube is YouTube. So if you saw this because of the blog, you may already be following (click the folder icon if not), but why not follow my… 31 more words

Muscle Worship

Minds Music Monday - Blindfolded

Barely 3 months into my new-found mega fandom, Simple Minds released Big Music. What an opportune time I took to arrive into the fandom. First song I heard from the album was Blindfolded – and WOW! 37 more words

Simple Minds


You go with me
Wherever I am
You move me
Wherever I go

The horizon
Is out of sight
White stripes
on the road
That point… 69 more words