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Missing Identity

Handcuffed and blind folded, he was dragged outside his cell; his face covered with unruly beard, the little bit of cloth that he had on his upper body tattered revealing the marks of torture. 143 more words



She’s in the middle of the forest and doesn’t know what’s going on. She has been blindfolded and her hands are tied behind her back. It’s daytime because she can feel the warmth. 262 more words


Did Jesus Wear a Blindfold on the Cross?

Did Jesus Wear a Blindfold on the Cross?

Did Jesus turn away from our sins
Did He deny that evil exist
Did He die to serve… 211 more words

Christian Living

a few thoughts on walking blindfolded

Today I read an article that said if you blindfold someone, take him to a large field and tell him to walk forward in a straight line, … 410 more words

The Week In Games: Going In Blindfolded

(Source: kotaku.com)

Sunglasses are out, protective leather coverings are in.

Only after the launch of a new console and two gigantic open-world games could a week that includes both Nier: Automata and the latest Ghost Recon feel like a break. 172 more words


Light of the World

Having drawn a very rough picture of a house and a wiggly path leading up to it on a flip chart sheet and stuck it on the wall, we played a game of Pin-the-Arrow-on-the-Path (like Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Donkey).  806 more words


Ancient Melodies.

The ancient melodies seep through my soul

“Closing my eyes I type this poem blind”.

Its funny how Ive memorized this keyboard

Makes me want to deprogram… 22 more words