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If only
making love, a different thought
than what others considered
then I would like to start by doing so
with you,
we could start by touching… 174 more words


Stepping in the Shoes of the Unseeing

Rays of sunlight permeating through the haze, struggling to dominate the atmosphere: it was a typical winter morning towards the end of December. But  something special for all adventurous souls was coming up; the event “Blindfolded Wall Climbing” was scheduled for this day! 320 more words

The Main Thing - Event Coverage

Extracting Oil the old way from Jazan

When I was on the road from Jazan to Abha I saw in the sideways camels circling around blindfolded with men guiding them. So I stopped my car and it turns out that they are extracting  oil by grinding it, the camel circle around pulling the wooden lever hooked to him plus a big rock in his back so he moves slowly,  all that attached to a pole of wood which is crafted especially for this task and this pole moves as the camels circle in a big wooden pot also especially crafted for this, it turns slowly for hours and grind the seeds into oil called (Smsm Oil) used either for food or healthy choices for woman which is very common in the Southern Region. 93 more words

5D Mark III

Blindfolded Fairy

Day 278 – Blindfolded Fairy

Drawn with a coloured biro on some white paper whilst blindfolded. This was a lot more tricky than I envisaged that it would be but I’m actually pleasantly surprised how fairy-like it looks.


For Him to Regain Sanity

For him to regain sanity,

What could the poor man do?

Confusion ruled his brain

As he sat there in the pew.

Confused, bewildered, and condemned… 403 more words

Introducing drw: a "useful tool" to solve a "practical problem".

(I have gripes that I need to get out of my system. I think that documenting my approach to a coding task could demonstrate some points I want to make, and help me give some ideas solid grounding.) 1,035 more words


Blindfolded Devon gets his brutal comeuppance

I’ll do a post-beatdown breakdown soon, but since it’s the last day of the month (and my clip store-hosting site pays out monthly) I wanted to throw this post up noting that… 36 more words

Muscle Worship