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New Erotica Novel Coming Soon

I have a new erotica novel of short stories (my first book) “Blindfolded” coming soon, my publisher is looking for a launch date by the end of this year if not it will be officially in January 2017. 145 more words


Missouri Senate Candidate Assembles Gun Blindfolded in TV Ad

ST. LOUIS (AP) – The Democratic U.S. Senate candidate in Missouri assembles an AR-15 assault rifle blindfolded then dares the incumbent Republican to do the same in a TV ad released Thursday. 517 more words


Blind.io Networking API

I’m building a list of events that trigger messages between the client and the server. I have a feeling like this list will grow as I learn what goes into making a multiplayer experience. 175 more words


Networking Blind.io

The Dancing Lobsters team and I have decided to develop Blindfolded into a networked multiplayer game. In this new iteration, players will be dropped into a random room in which they will attempt to kill all other players. 241 more words

Dancing Lobsters Studio

"Sight" without seeing

The crown of thorns on the left is from Israel and the one on the right came out of Arizona along the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. 954 more words

Ever see a rainbow lit up by a sunset?

Ever see a rainbow lit up by a sunset?

Lightning forking across darkening skies

Neon lights stripteasing the night threats

Thunder truck rolling between your eyes… 127 more words