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A Sunset

Marge was married to Jimmy for 20 years; she can see but he was blind since birth. Recently, she told a close friend, “One of the hardest things I’ve been trying to tell my husband is the differences in colors. 503 more words


Poetry as Activism, The Rhetoric of Empathy, and The Breaking of Beliefs: My interview with Primal School

I am honored to be featured on Hannah Lee Jones’s fabulous poetry blog, Primal School. Her blog is designed as a place to discuss poetry outside the academy, to go back to basics and understand what makes a poem tick. 147 more words



Fills me with amazement, the way some of a-one’s parts can take up the slack in a pinch. By way of a for-instance, one can reckon the distance and texture of a thing by the nature of echo it’ll give in reply to a click of the tongue. 586 more words

Old Age


by Valerie Moreno

I stand alone

shivering in chilly,

condescending winds of



You are “too busy”

to give me a chance,

look at me as a… 83 more words


Ask a Blind Man

We the sighted
take sight for granted
Therefore we don’t see very much
Much as we who eat what we want
take taste for granted… 121 more words


Sacred Space Interview: Calling for Balance with Faith, Hope, and Love

We’re starting the week off right with a luminous interview from Elizabeth L. Sammons. Elizabeth’s interview bridges the Sacred Space series and the October Interview series—opening a dialogue about faith and disability that is rich and rewarding. 2,597 more words


This post was inspired by a campaign launched by RNIB to counteract some of the many stereotypes about blindness. “How I see,” is something I’ve never really attempted to explain in depth before, so let’s see if I can make this semi-coherent! 1,870 more words

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