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Dailies 5/23/17: If scent were white noise, doughnuts would be that scent. Also, escaping from a job, a Russian end to a divorce, & accidentally stepping on a service dog's paw.

David Hernandez – Falling but Frozen 

By accident, mid-aisle, my heel

pressed against the paw of the service dog,

a bony softness as I

pivoted from one student desk to the next. 145 more words

Haiti - Day two

On day two, Sunday, after eating a tasty breakfast of fresh mangos and scrambled eggs on the hotel patio, we rode to Saint-Marc to attend a service of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 484 more words

The Towerless

Climb, Climb, to the top

for the Tower
was all that existed.
it was said
look never down,
yet always we did,
for pitiful
were all those below us. 189 more words


Gone Blind

Descending to dark
Helpless, dependant and sad
Blinded by health care

Debbie Gravett © 2017.05.22

via Daily Prompt: Descend


Perfect In my Eyes

If you are like most people you probably don’t think about your eyes often. I don’t mean all of the things your eyes do for you, I mean the existence of your eyes in general. 713 more words

Mommy Issues

I need out! Like seriously, I need to leave right now! My mother is driving me insane! She has issues with our neighbors, and she’s taking it out on everyone in our house, but I feel like she’s coming down harder on me, because I’m blind. 167 more words

My Everyday Life

Haiti: Day One at an Orphanage

Following a bumpy ride over rocky streets you expect only on mountain roads,  we received a warm welcome at the orphanage, the kind usually reserved for long lost relatives. 738 more words