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Superstition means Lack of Faith in God

Superstition means that superstition is just opposite to religion. Superstition means lack of faith in God. Superstition believe that a star will harm you. Who can harm you if you have full faith in God Is not your superstition a product of your ignorance Does Superstition not also prove that you have no faith in you’d kind Father Even educated persons fall victims to some superstition or the other. 214 more words

A spoon full of sugar :)

Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. This is a philosy that buys into disguising one thing as another. A way to make something that is hard easier. 187 more words

Concept Development for Blind Children: A World of Wonder

It is estimated that 40% of human sensory perception is visual. If you are sighted, you might think this would be bad news for a totally blind baby. 1,750 more words


My Words Are My Own: Language Policing In The Disability Community

“Don’t talk about yourself that way!”
“You shouldn’t devalue yourself!”
“You should always use person-first language. Do not put your disability before your personhood.”

I remember the first time I encountered the language police, and experienced the odd sensation of having my own words criticized and found unsuitable. 660 more words


Evil Eyes

With coal dust in your myopic eyes
You see warped, distorted images

Like reflections in carnival mirrors,

The surface of disturbed water,

Or the cave of a polished spoon. 84 more words

Monocular Vision (Loss of one eye)

Some tips for reading more easily

  • Hold the book or paper in front of the one good eye.
  • Move the book or paper you are reading, rather than your eye.
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Being a Commissioning Support Officer with a Visual Impairment

Meg is registered blind with no vision and works as a commissioning support officer for her county council.

The employment/study you proved possible…: Commissioning Support Officer for a County Council…

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Visual Impairement