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While some people may choose to view blindness as a tragedy and pity me, I choose to make light of it when the opportunity presents itself. 203 more words


Playing with the truth

Playing with the truth

Like the season returns
Within the wheel of time
Life and death are reborn

Like the echo in the mountain
Mirrors back to our self… 133 more words



OK guys, it’s here! My very first podcast! I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing LOL but I have sort of created a Podcasts type of thing to go along with my blog so you guys can actually hear my voice and see me in little space interacting with my partner and answering questions and goofing off! 44 more words


Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes

If you like children’s adventure stories, you’ll love Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes! Found floating in a basket as a baby with his eyes pecked out, Peter Nimble must survive using his extraordinary senses of hearing, smell, touch, and taste. 479 more words

1094. Warning label

Warning: This medication can cause blindness. Should this happen, see a doctor.

P.S. – nothing to do with the above story:

An anthology of poetry – which includes three poems by the late Cynthia Jobin and also dedicated to her memory (many of you will remember her and her blog littleoldladywho) – was released the other day by Bennison Books. 46 more words


Guide Dog Tales Vol. 18


By Carolyn Dale Newell

Iva attended Vacation Bible school at our church Tuesday night for a guide dog presentation. The kids, divided into three groups, loved Iva. 518 more words


Happy 2nd Anniversary

Today, I would like to wish a very happy anniversary to someone that has really become an extension of who I am, and has helped me through many situations that I would have had to walk through all alone otherwise. 572 more words

Low Vision