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Relax! It's Independence!

All the way through high school, I traveled with a white cane. I would move the cane in an arc on the floor no wider than shoulder width (as I was taught), sometimes even narrower than that. 1,027 more words


Notes on Notes on Blindness

Directed by Peter Middleton and James Spinney, Notes on Blindness is a short but powerful interpretation of John M. Hull’s life-long affair with blindness, based on Hull’s cassette diaries. 1,607 more words

Pups at irish guide dogs for the blind on their lunch break, enjoy the cuteness.



The prophet Bilam is called to curse Israel, and ends up blessing them. Blessing should be the easier option: all it takes is to feel blessed, look at the other, and invite them to feel blessed too. 104 more words

Blindness and independence, advice

Hello everyone
I’m a 22 years old blind girl from somewhere in latin america. My country, actually, isn’t a bad place for disabled people. We still have a lack of things that may be quite a lot useful for our development, but my country is indeed much better then other latin american countries when talking about the situation of disabled people. 631 more words

20 Juli 2016

I feel quite a lot sad today, I’ve been dreaming about my life behind the screen. In my dreams, I see myself doing things I used to do but that I don’t do anymore. 497 more words

Time for an update

So, I made a video yesterday on my YouTube channel. You can find me at blind mental health support. The video is the longest one I’ve ever done. 40 more words