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Why Jesus Hates Religion: Part 6 - Lip Service

God Wants Our Lips and Our Hearts

‘This people honors Me with their lips,
But their heart is far away from Me.
‘But in vain do they worship Me,

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"Are You Afraid of the Dark?": a Sighted Person's Adventures With the Screen Reader Experience

When my friend Laura told me she was considering a screen-free vacation, I assumed she was speaking of a general unplugging from all her favourite technology. 2,392 more words


Why Do We Laugh At These Things?


Stevie Wonder jokes and memes run rampant on the Internet. As a matter of fact, people have been making blind jokes about Stevie Wonder for as long as I can remember. 708 more words

Again and again

Again and again
Involved in patterns
Similar cases
Reborn in shadows

Again and again
Falling in ditches
Following patterns
Programmed steps

Again and again
In circles of deeds… 36 more words



LibriVox recording of Five Lectures on Blindness by Kate M. Foley. The lectures were written primarily to be delivered at the summer sessions of the Color blindness is not a total loss of color vision. 511 more words


Barry and Owen: Part One

It was at a job working as a barista after long days at college, slinging coffees to some assholes who order half sweet, non-fat, no foam, extra hot, almond milk lattes, that I met Barry Weatherall and Owen. 641 more words


Birthday Week: Things That Make Me Smile

As I begin my 70th year, I’m feeling an urge to do things to get ready for the next decade. The first of these is to focus on the daily (hopefully) bright spots in life. 441 more words