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Post 4th of July: The guy you should be going home with

I love a weirdo. Its true, my type is unique personality. None of my guys look alike in the slightest I don’t have a thing for tall dark and handsome, I favor strange. 542 more words


Riff Raff & Travis Barker- "Spazz Out"

It looks like Riff Raff might be a good candidate for the replacement of Tom Delong in Blink 182. During the latest Warped Tour, Travis Barker and Riff Raff have been working and performing together and their song “Spazz Out” is a product of that. 41 more words


Bloodline: Five Stories by Ernest J. Gaines

Bloodline by Ernest J. Gaines #whatimreading

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Since moving back to Louisiana in December, I’ve been immersing myself in southern culture — the food, the people, the music, the books.

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Blink 182

Alkaline Trio & NoFx

So the other day I decided to go to see NoFx & Alkaline Trio On The Morning Of The Gig.

I’ve got to say I was really glad that I did ! 192 more words

What alignment are you? This band is Chaotic Neutral

When I was in junior high, I played Dungeons & Dragons, and loved it.  Long before the MMORPG came along, D&D was how people could satiate their need to immerse themselves in a fantasy world with dragons and orcs and magic.   1,101 more words

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Input: Language of American Pop-Punk

The article named I made a linguistics professor listen to a blink-182 song an analyze the accent (Dan Nosowitz) published on Atlas Obscura deals with the development of language behaviour of American pop-punk bands. 207 more words


Artist Feature/Review: The Armed - Untitled

The Armed have never been a band that minces words, and they have no need for shiny adornments or sparkly gimmicks. Instead, they have one motto at their core – “Destroy Everything”. 446 more words