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Am I replacing one habit with another?


For the past ten days I’ve had an awful cough. It’s been constant, day and night, nothing will ease the tickle in my throat. 107 more words


The Waiting Cursor

I am a writer.

You’ve no idea how long that phrase sat on my screen, the cursor blinking at me while I decided what should come next.  446 more words


The Night Garden

Blinking windows
a solemn sky
wary of the gloomy night
alienated by light-filled days
and shadows
unable to glimpse between trees
leaning over soulful shrubs… 24 more words


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Start Your Journey!

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Blinking Led
Extension to Blinking Led… 56 more words


Twists and Shouts: Treating Tic Disorders and ADHD

Original post from ADDitude

‘………..by William Dodson, M.D.

Twitching, grunting, or blinking? It’s possible your child has a tic disorder alongside his ADHD. Here’s how to treat it. 764 more words