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Twists and Shouts: Treating Tic Disorders and ADHD

Original post from ADDitude

‘………..by William Dodson, M.D.

Twitching, grunting, or blinking? It’s possible your child has a tic disorder alongside his ADHD. Here’s how to treat it. 764 more words


Eye in the Sky

It’s a dark thing, blinking in the night.
Night is not blind. Not blind.
The blinking is winking, winking, can’t you tell?
You’ve never looked at the right time. 45 more words


サラバー アイボぉ♡

Heres  the head everyones been asking.

I didn’t really want to post it here cause I ”edit” ”made” it for my friend.

Sadly he’s about to quit so we decided just to share it before someone tries to steal it. 41 more words


New male heads edits (⌒▽⌒)☆

These heads are only edited.

My friend edited them and I only put some gif  :)



Blink, blink.


How can we do that,
Without having to think.
You see each of us does it instinctively.
A thousand times a day, 147 more words


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