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Saint's Preserved Body Caught on Cam Blinking It's Eyes!

In a Roman Catholic belief, Catholics saints are men and women who lived holy lives in obedience to God’s will, and they became saints at the moment they entered heaven. 22 more words

New Product: Tinusaur Shield LEDx2

As we’ve mentioned earlier (What is happening with this project?) we were working on shield-like add-on board for the Tinusaur Board.

So here it is … 62 more words


Blinking & Vision: The role of the eyelids

I learnt in school that blinks happen as a reflex to protect your eyes, so when there’s a sudden motion, you blink on reflex. We also know intuitively that the eyelids spread the tears over the eyeballs, and when we have irritation in our eyes, we are asked to blink more. 320 more words

before it was known that there were masterpieces

The brother throws the other

one over his head and

each of his hands grabs

a different fruit.  They each eat and

the juices run down over their white… 60 more words

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