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Holy Sh!t, or it's been too long

since i have written anything. At all. Like nothing. Not journal entry nor any notes of what I have been thinking about writing.

This morning is all about this: 219 more words



If the inner part of the human, the core where all your instructions, rewards, knowing, talents, abilities, skills and moral compass sit and await are not activated, one remains absent from ones self. 726 more words


I go in the sea to become closer with being alive, being in body. I come to you to purify my intention and to be taught by the forces of nature. 52 more words

Males please keep your crap,the world has it's own..

I mostly wonder

What Indian males are up to?

Do they think the respective opposite sex will hoover after them when they are done with their work? 366 more words

Weekend Photos

Bought a Joni record this weekend and went on a hike, as well.  Trying to get the camera out as much as possible since I will be second shooting a wedding in June.  Practice makes better photos………..

Is this Nirvana- Or just a good night's sleep?

I woke up in love with myself

In that happy early morning haze

The place between sleep and awake

The sun shining, lingering in a dreamlike state… 104 more words


Inspiration comes from everywhere – are you paying attention?

“Inspiration comes from everywhere. Often my art is a reenactment of my own personal feelings. I am inspired by my own experiences, emotions and the journeys I am taking.” 259 more words