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Money, status, family, relationships, opulence, influence, marriage, beauty… doesn’t matter!

Explanation :

In reality we never perceive the existence of our own life.

Right from the time we enter into the world from mothers womb we are identified at the body level. 115 more words



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Mama Monday: Blissful Friday

Let’s talk about bliss.

A perfect day is bliss. Yet, every day is technically perfect when you are still here. Still living. Still have your friends, your family, your support system. 357 more words


25 Ways To Take Back Your Power

25 Ways To Take Back Your Power

  1. Nurture your ideas and dreams; watch them grow.
  2. Believe in yourself; you are ready for the next step.
  3. 250 more words
Dr. Angela Kowitz Orobko

Night Bliss

Ah, the humanity
Crept upon me like a wave of exhaustion
Took the breath from my clay prison
What shrill cry in the night awoke them from there sleep… 124 more words

"It's All My Fault"

Last weekend, my four year-old son Shane broke his arm, and I felt responsible. That Saturday morning, Jason and I had decided to take a class at our gym. 684 more words


What Is Your Idea of Bliss?

I have a gazillion answers to this question but right now, what’s making me feel blissful is the creation that’s taking place on my knitting needles: 229 more words