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Why do we talk to ourselves?

The Running Conversation in Your Head

What a close study of “inner speech” reveals about why humans talk to themselves.

Language is the hallmark of humanity—it allows us to form deep relationships and complex societies. 3,405 more words


The Beach has Soul

The Beach has Soul

Went to the beach today only a week into spring

Sunshine a cool breeze and no phone to ring

Drove three hours for a day of fun… 142 more words



‘Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, can I have your attention, please? The act you are about to witness is no mere folly. 2,535 more words


Our Story

My Version:

I actually met Orion Sr. and Orion Jr. at the same time. Orion had brought his father with him to the local pool hall to meet a former friend of mine. 262 more words

His Birthday gift (as per the agreement)

As per the discussion on what to get

Her for her birthday something she would never forget

They agreed for the thrill and as a real treat… 490 more words


In the moment of love

If I devoured your passion, your body, your soul,

if I were push you against the wall take control,

if I were to give you to sensations hitherto unknown, 82 more words