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Bliss is something totally different… It is not dependent on anybody. It is the joy of creating something; whether anybody appreciates it or not is irrelevant. 15 more words


... slave's most blissful torment ...

blindfold on

arms stretched out

legs bound open, 

no escape from Master’s pleasure 

slave lies helpless


begging for her Master’s bliss

Fingers straightened

Fingers tightened… 44 more words

When Bliss and Balance Collide

I think everyone, parent or not, struggles with a work/life balance. There seems to be a new article everyday on my Facebook or Pinterest feed either chronicling the problem or claiming to have the magic formula to solve it. 619 more words


Love has no measure.

He was already 34, a wealthy man; that kind of wealthy who didn’t have to work and would still enjoy a luxurious life. He’s alone though, since he was an only child. 422 more words


Why I May Want to Be A Yoga Instructor

As any graduate student knows (or may know, I realise I’m making a big assumption here), several months before your academic semester begins, you’re invited (required) to meet with the graduate coordinator to discuss courses. 251 more words