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Owl blamed for island crash

{“contentType”:”NEWS_STORY”,”id”:{“value”:”2ade47eab76cf92f6a945902f44c06c8″,”link”:”http:\/\/api.newsapi.com.au\/content\/v2\/2ade47eab76cf92f6a945902f44c06c8″},”originId”:”1dfc0918-d187-11e7-a7dd-21b6c00580fe”,”origin”:”METHODE”,”channel”:”NONE”,”title”:”Owl blamed for island crash”,”subtitle”:”Low-flying owl blamed as 4WD overturns on Fraser Island”,”description”:”

TWO men had to walk kilometres to get help after their car overturned on Fraser Island, with a low-flying owl blamed for the crash. 3,044 more words

Car Rollover


I have felt every word

He writes.

I collect each letter;

Capital and lower case,

Exclamation points,

Question marks and all.

I put them in my heart. 71 more words



“Close Your Eyes
Free Your Mind
Immerse in Aromatic Bliss”

Luxesse is an essence in the Mind collection, one of three, Luxesse, Clear Vibe…

148 more words

The monk in the Himalayas

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When all else failed me

I turned to the hills

And there, I met a monk

A monk, a million stories old, 111 more words


Light and dark life

Why are these days so dark

Why does the light not shine

Is there a reason for the suffering in our lives

Must there be deaths a plenty of the innocent… 127 more words


Never Judge a Person...

She walked into room in a grand gait
And all eyes turned…
Her eyes drew you in like quicksand
Her eyelashes fluttered like fairies’ wings… 199 more words

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