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The Most Loquacious, Circuitous Robin Ever

freakin’ robin
at the corner
waiting for me
just standing there
on the cement
perfectly still
until i turn the corner
there to laugh a little… 120 more words


Baby Chicks are here!

We’ve received freshly hatched baby chicks.

11 little layers: Buff Orpingtons and Silver Laced Wyandottes.

I hope the oxytocin transfers from this computer to you. 79 more words



A poem inspired by the playfully tilted O in Robert Indiana’s LOVE sculpture.


Her glossy red lips form an O
open to let sounds rush out… 113 more words


Personal Reflection to “Let Go, Let God: Who Cares”, P.12, Chapter 1, Let Go, Let God

Pessimistic vibes may make you feel like: “Nemesis’ are approaching, infringing danger about my thrown”.  Your morals’ defense against hypothetic postulation resolute to de-thrown you? Blissful ignorance, as you recognize ain’t much that can be done with that which one has no control, so who cares. 11 more words