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Real Neat Blog Award

It really is a great feeling waking up to a notification saying that you have been nominated for the Real Neat Blog Award!

Wow, thank you so much to Ingrid from… 1,039 more words


The teardrop

A teardrop emphasises

The sadness in her soul,

She misses the summer now

And she is braced against the cold,

She wears her scars of life… 133 more words



Out of the shell, free, or reborn,

You say I am hurt, broken, torn,

But I see a difference, you just can’t see,

Whispering to my self, is a proud new me, 34 more words


We float

I float here,

We float here,

Suspended in the ether,

I float her,

We float here,

Both supine in the night air,

I float here, 115 more words


A moment to remember

Let me trace your intimacies

With my finger tips and tongue,

Let linger over you

All of the night long,

Let’s both find the paradise… 165 more words


What is Balance- How to Achieve it

I’ve noticed that balance is a word people are using more and more when it comes to their daily lives and how they make it all work.   574 more words