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Dancing with myself

I used to love to dance. I don’t dance well and usually do it only in the privacy of my own home, but I used to love to do it. 245 more words



This is the buttery reason of Karai dam Visit.

All melodrama is worth. This are favorite ones from many.

To capture this in cell-phone camera is … another story but at the end it was shot. 80 more words


A Little CINE

Sorry, I haven’t written a post since January 20th, and that was a kind of cheat with a video, but it was film, and cinema is good for us all, right?   251 more words


Are You Ready?

Are you ready for your life?  

Are you ready for the life you chose before you were born to this life?

Are you ready for committing to the obligations you agreed to with your soul while still unborn? 162 more words

Dancing in the Rain

As everyone runs for cover

We move to the sound of the pitter-patter

Swaying to our own time

Not a worry in mind

Soft sighs slips through parted lips… 54 more words


Bliss Of Colours

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Cerise, it flows from the hallowed sun, chiseled out of the spuming beryl drapery, born out of the angel’s last crescent touch.

Awashed, in ruby auras; a glint of lush luxurious amber, flecked with lavender streamers, the vault screams colours. 40 more words


Go with Heart!

Sometimes with People, Sometimes with memories

Sometimes Alone, Sometimes for No one

Sometimes with places where I’ve never been

Sometimes watching sunset in beach, Sometimes within a Wall…

38 more words