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There is a beautiful sunshine today, I might go to the countryside later on. I am lazy. While I am writing these words, I stop for a while to savour their energy: dense. 687 more words

Being your own circle (Part 1: Serenity)

It is so hard, especially in the society we live in now, to be your own person. But it is incredibly important to be who are and who you want to be. 1,015 more words


i feel like yin yang is often misrepresented as good and evil

i do not necessarily agree that these are the polarities that life is based upon. 193 more words

Elder (off/DEATH)


  • Elder – no main or “original” gender, alternates between male and female
  • named by Shí, has no “original” name

physical appearance (male):


Scattered Pieces of the Sky

The sky is full of mystery which I love to delve.. Sometimes it is clear,sometimes it gives us light of hope yet at other time it is sad. 40 more words

What Is Enlightenment, Actually?

Dieser Beitrag ist auch in deutscher Sprache verfügbar.

Hamburg, the 22nd of August 2010

In time for the Strong Sun Moon which we just danced through I recently had a talk about the topic of enlightenment. 540 more words

New Consciousness