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It seems weird!

Me sitting across my mom

Thinking about you, seems weird

Me hanging out with my friends

Wishing you were here, seems weird

Me visiting my cousin… 38 more words


Seventh Chakra. Your divinity.

Chakra journey – season finale. Whe have travelled through our bodies and our energy centers in the last few weeks. I hope you have been able to follow along, taking stock of where you are, what you like and what you can improve. 821 more words


Bliss, is an ice-cream, on a hot summer’s day
Bliss is when the clouds keep rolling away
Joy, is in a smile, a hug that brings cheer…

112 more words

Derive bliss from doing

Whatever you do, please do with full, loving, deep attention. Too often, we do not pause to check the quality of how we do things. We do things in a hurry or reluctantly as if forced by another or avoid doing altogether by pushing it into a drawer so that it’s out of sight! 776 more words


Material all around me i see

No happiness without it

When i find small hapiness in between the lines

And the laughters chime

For that is when i experience… 61 more words


Bliss Comes from Within

The problem with happiness stems from the fact that we try to find it in everything else but never from within ourselves. We expect a promotion at work, a sudden windfall of cash, or a new relationship to give us happiness. 431 more words

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