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In vain

I wait still


There is no hope

I wait still


It’s in vain

It keeps going

Don’t know why

It keeps rowing

Don’t know how


Please Touch Me So I Don't Feel So Fucking Empty.

This void and vacant vessel I possess

I think I’m alive

Judging only by the faint beating in my chest

But my lungs have shriveled… 89 more words

Silentium Amoris

Writing is

by Bartholomew L Miller CC BY NC SA

writing is
agony and bliss
like love
but worse

via Ello


Whatever You Want Dear

“Honey, do you think we should go with cream or egg-shell? Do you prefer lilac or violet? Roses or lilies?” Let’s be honest, only females see the difference between the two. 208 more words


Hello world!

In a world full of negativity and seemingly endless misfortune, there is so much to make us feel disheartened. This blog is meant to counteract all of those feelings of negativity and restore our faith in humanity, even just for a moment. 141 more words


The end

I’d be lying if I said the sight of the Queen’s house with the finishing gantry in the foreground wasn’t a welcome sight. The 99+ miles in my legs at that point were making themselves known and in the quieter parts of the closing stages I may have started day dreaming about huge soft, comfy chairs. 939 more words