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Happy 4th Anniversary Juliet!

An Infinite Path (Photo by Loren J Root)

I like tradition. I like it when it evolves from something so simple and becomes its own existence. 1,009 more words


Post-Process Evolution (Messing up Photos)

Stage 4 of the Process

Post-Process Evolution is a short photo essay documenting the process by which I transform an image into my creative vision. The first image above is Stage 4 of the process and I displayed it here first because few people would have opened the post had I used the Stage 1 image as my lead photo :-) In essence, I am offering a little insight into the magic I use to mess up my images. 674 more words


Blissful Friday Photos - San Francisco on Camera+

Sutro Tower – Sf

San Francisco Friday Photos Camera+ are images I took using the Camera+ app on my iPhone. I captured today’s images on walks in Buena Vista Park and the Dogpatch neighborhood. 205 more words


Death Valley - Theatrical Images

Landscape Near The Entrance

Death Valley Theatrical Images is my photo paean to the wonderful work of Sam Krisch. Sam recently posted some images of Death Valley that reminded me of just how stark and wondrous the place is and that I should go back to my photos and see where the muse may lead me in editing them. 272 more words


San Francisco Dogpatch - A Hipstamatic Tour

Abandoned Warehouse Through A Broken Barrier

San Francisco Dogpatch – A Hipstamatic Tour is a portrait of  a neighborhood right along the bay and down from Potrero Hill. 1,002 more words


A Hipstamatic Sunday in San Francisco

After lunch light

Welcome to my new WP Blog Template! This WordPress Blog will highlight more of the lovely images and photo journeys that bring readers back again and again. 625 more words


A Christmas Card to My Wife

Sweet freedom whispered in my ear
You’re a butterfly
And butterflies are free to fly
Someone Saved My Life Tonight - John and Taupin

I met Juliet Williams on the night of Dec 11, 2006.

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