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YouTube Contest, Voting Gifts, and New Arrivals!

Man, since I came back I’ve noticed that Fantage really stepped it up. Sure, they’re still releasing bad hairstyles for the non-members, but it is way better than before. 88 more words


The Island: Seashell Collecting Cheats

You need to be wearing the costume to be able to collect the seashells.

You can also buy bubble costumes!

Once you collect seashells, you can trade them in for items. 40 more words


Flash Sales!

Fantage has introduced a new concept: Flash Sales!

~bliss P.S. I think I’m going to start Blogging Owls now! Stay tuned.

Fantage New Stuff

How To Get Into Hot Spring When You're a Non-Member

So in the new spa you can only enter the hot springs if you’re a premium member in a bathing suit, right? WELL WRONG. There’s this glitch that will let you into the hot springs if done correctly! 65 more words


Island Updates and Instagram!

New updates are comingĀ  to the island. One that’s already been released is the Hot or Not update: you can now win a medal for being “hot”. 120 more words


New Mysterious Island on Fantage!

Oooooh. I logged into Fantage today and saw this:

I was out to investigate more on this matter and when I went to the beach, I found out you can look through a telescope: 67 more words


New Homepage and Invite-A-Friend Flowers!

New Homepage

The Fantage homepage has a new layout now! Check it out: Fantage.com

Some examples:

Invite-A-Friend Flowers

If you go to your home, and beneath your mini-quiz tab click on the Harvest! 32 more words