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*pokes head out from nowhere*

Why I haven’t touched the White Lady in months, you may wonder? Because yeah, that is exactly what happened. I haven’t touched her at all. I wish I could say something to the effect of: … 328 more words


What I learned raising black swallowtail butterflies in 2016

At the end of May, I bought a large pot of curly parsley, transferred it to a larger container, added some sweet basil, then put it on the no-vehicle part of the driveway. 447 more words


"What Would You Do?" Wednesday - Blisters for Days

Hey folks, happy Wednesday! For the first time in a while, I’m actually on time with this weeks “What Would You Do?” Wednesday. I just spent a couple of days in Silva, North Carolina, home of… 388 more words

Patient Care

Don't get rubbed the wrong way

During a good paddle, many of us surfskiers have found out all of a sudden that the shorts we decided to wear that day were rubbing a hole in our backside.   326 more words

Does applying egg white to burned skin really helps? Or it is just a myth? - Cont

So this is how it looks like the next day. Why is it still reddish in color? Of course, it will be, egg white is no magic potion. 42 more words


joy memories

This week has been pretty chill with the planning side of things. I feel very grateful to have the time to rest in these holidays, because it might be the last time i get a ‘real holiday’ before I finish my degree (if i’m lucky to find a job at the end of the year). 321 more words


Is it obvious what I’ve been dreaming of? Sleep with the sunrise, wake in the dark. Cut gums from sucking broken glass, grazed knees from praying. 39 more words