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Blisters ruining your runs?

Runners! Blisters suck. Losing a toe nail sucks. They can both hurt a lot and they are the devil who can hold us back from smashing our runs. 593 more words


“I would say shoe shop with care” – There are quite a few rules you should follow while shopping for a pair of shoes, to ensure that your soles are as comfy as possible. 133 more words


Hard Work Could Mean Messed Up Feet

So as I explained in my last blog…dance season has officially started. Regular classes are going great and the team classes are awesome. But as we get closer to November, things are a bit overwhelming. 707 more words


"Fun Box"

Day 77

Tuesday 10/3/17

Mile 818 (17 miles)

Warwick Motel


The front page story today is the “fun box” Joy sent to me. It had a pack of Oreos, a bottle of JD and about 30-40 notes and cards from people back home. 171 more words

Appalachian Trail

Blisters - Serpentwithfeet (2016)

Since the time of Debarge’s All This Love, R&B has gone through an intense metamorphosis that has recognized diversity beyond the canon of traditional Black Culture. 506 more words


Personal Story 2


It’s all well and good to be a bit young and naïve at times, and I think we all like to use that as an excuse for when things go wrong. 705 more words

Southbound Moments

The trail snakes around like a game of Chutes and Ladders, so that sometimes I wonder if we’re going backwards or forwards!

September 1, 2017… 1,377 more words

Appalachian Trail