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On November 13th, I had the opportunity to go to Disneyland with my best friend Cassidy.  It was my first time going after 2012 and I was stoked.   155 more words

What happens in chickenpox, exactly?

What is it?

Chickenpox is a very contagious viral disease. It is known for the small, itchy blisters it causes. Other common symptoms include fever, tiredness and headache. 543 more words

How I Stopped the Blisters On My Foot From Coming Back

Few months ago I undergone a debridement procedure to get rid of the excessive blisters (watery) foot that I had due to athlete’s foot.

After the procedure, I was advised by my surgeon to continue on cleaning my foot every other day for a couple of weeks and making sure it is  well bandaged for a complete healing of the wound. 251 more words

How I overcome Dyshidrosis?

Dear C.

Whenever I talked to people about my disease there were always two questions. Today, I would like to talk about one of those questions: “How did you overcome it?” 851 more words


Preventing Blisters

I feel like such a sissy when I get a blister but man they hurt! You try to get through a run but you find yourself limping. 794 more words

serpentwithfeet: blisters EP

serpentwithfeet is a collaboration between classically-trained vocalist and songwriter Josiah Wise (pictured) and British producer and multi-instrumentalist The Haxan Cloak. In 5 songs and just over twenty minutes, the duo succeed in building a tense, spare sonic world where time seems to crackle and stand still, and truth and acceptance are not reached without prolonged sacrifice; a place where the sacred and the profane mingle and intertwine in the multi-layered harmonies and falsetto of Wise like rebellious strands of DNA. 65 more words


Travesty Tuesdays- The Wobbly Bits That Are Usually Covered With Leaves Edition

Somehow this batch of postcards came out awkward. More awkward than usual. It wasn’t even my fault for once, I was merely recounting what my great aunt and my mother said to me. 611 more words