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John Muir Way Ultra Training Log Week 7

I have been brought back down to earth with a bump this week with a really tough long run. Despite being an hour less than last week’s effort, this one seems to have hurt a lot more. 359 more words

The one where start to get our shit together

Another week has flown by! Fortunately, this week we have managed to complete every workout on the training schedule – woohoo!

Tuesday brought Body Pump and much amusement for the instructor, who had obviously missed us flailing around at the back of the class with our 5kg weights last week. 143 more words


Homeopathy in My House: Fashion Victim Blisters

Got blisters yesterday cus I wore my converse without socks….spring fashion pains. Used a homeopathic, cantharis, to relieve the pain this morning and they are gone as of now…4.30pm…amazing! 15 more words


7 Top Tips for Happy Feet

How I walked from Coast to Coast and still had happy feet.

My 40th birthday was looming and my family were trying to make plans to celebrate – it freaked me out, I don’t know why? 301 more words

Mouth Ulcers in a Febrile Young Child

I saw a child, the day before yesterday, with a rash on her upper back and forehead, and odd little almost-coalescent red-ringed blisters and ulcers on the back of her tongue and mouth. 518 more words


Week 13

Total kilometres run: 427                      Total miles run: 266

Weekly kilometre total: 48.1                     Weekly mile total: 30

High of the week: NEW RUNNING SHOES!!

Low of the week: I skipped a run (only 5km) so I could eat a 4-course breakfast and drink cocktails/more blister issues. 604 more words


It was a revelation when someone introduced me to Zinc Tape for blister protection and recovery.  I have been using this for many years and it has saved the day on many occasions. 123 more words