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Whilst I was sitting in the bath earlier, scrubbing away at my horrendous feet, I got to thinking about how my feet got this way. Canal Trek did it. 1,347 more words

The Ravings Of A Mad Woman

No pain, no gain. *exceptions apply.

So there I was, about eight miles into my Sunday run when *CRUNCH*, my foot hits the kerb in an awkward fashion. A pain shoots up my leg. 620 more words

Not-So-Happy Feet

People are usually excited about the weekend because, of course, apart from the fact that they finally have the freedom after an entire week of enslavement from work, it’s also the time for them to go out and enjoy themselves. 328 more words


How to avoid new shoe blisters!

Considering we all are going to breaking into some new sandals, heels or khussas over Eid, this one is guaranteed to help a sister out! 162 more words


Sensible Practices for Long Distance Walking on the Camino: Your Feet

In my post, “Sensible Practices for Long Distance Walking on the Camino: Footwear,” I discussed boots, shoes, and sandals. Now we turn our attention to the feet that go inside those boots, shoes, and sandals. 1,339 more words


People? Ugh...

I went into a pretty long post yesterday morning regarding the running club, but all I really tackled was the run itself.

Now it’s time to dish the dirt on people… 456 more words

A love letter to summer footwear: go fuck yourself

Do you remember that scene in Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion in the club and Romy turns down a man by saying, ‘Would you excuse me? 861 more words