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The Traveler’s Hymnal – Or Tips for a Joyous Journey – Volume 2


Carrying supplies of the basics saves having to go into a pharmacy in Turkey, for instance, and explaining neomycin sulfate, or antibiotic cream to spread on those blisters multiplying like rabbits all over your feet and ankles. 736 more words

In A Land Far, Far Away


“Best cauliflowers, big cabbages and red tomatoes that you can find nowhere”, declared the vendor who brought some vegetables in a pushing cart in our locality. 206 more words

True Fiction

PAUC #themaxpowerway

November 18th (Wednesday) came and went last week and, I have to admit, I only had a small shred of remorse for not posting a weekly blog. 762 more words


Tetanus Trouble

Nothing like getting insane blisters from climbing a mountain in Hightop Nike sneakers that fester so bad you need to get a tetanus shot.



3 Tips on Making Uncomfortable Shoes Comfy (without spending a fortune...)

No matter what type you buy, be it pumps or 6-inch stilettos, new shoes always find a way of making life uncomfortable. If it’s not blisters it’s too much pressure. 347 more words


DID IT!!! Up the Swanee - for the Big Walk!!!

Proud to say today was a great day to be alive, to walk around the beautiful Swan River and, in my opinion, one of the prettiest cities in the world!! 201 more words

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Mouth Blisters

The cure of mouth blister:
Eat banana with yogurt to cure mouth blister.
One tea spoon of morus in water and gurgle it. It will help. 203 more words