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You know how sometimes life just gets in the way?

You could stay committed to your goals at the cost of sleep, eating, and staying sane, but you pass out exhausted and in pain before you can even make the choice? 142 more words

Here & Now

Ae Maseeh'e Waqt Teri Phoonk Mein Hai Ye Asar, Garche Rota Aega Koi To Hasta Jaega

Ever since my mother was 13 years old, she’s been getting the sharaf of doing ziyafat decorations for Sayyedna Mohammad Burhanuddin RA.

In one of the ziyafats, she had to stick a chord bordering the screen on the backdrop using a glue gun. 202 more words


Bumps, bruises and bites – tending your own hurts at fests

I like to travel prepared for going larping (as you have probably gathered over the past year of updates) and usually carry a small first aid kit (or two depending on the circumstances) to larger events. 1,440 more words


JAMIE'S BLOG - DAY 205 :: bliss-ters

I’m melting….almost. We topped out around 108 today and 110 tomorrow. Which is… well, HOT. And it has me thinking about bliss… as well as blisters. 32 more words


Blisters & Infections

Fantasy Prognosis: For most blisters, the athletic training staff will have your player back on the field immediately, with down-time being one game at most. However, if the blister isn’t properly treated immediately, it can result in deeper infection, even MRSA (as happened with… 41 more words

Legs And Feet

Wight Walk - Day Three

Well today I learned the true meaning of the Agony and the Ecstasy. I slept deeply in the most comfortable bed (Ecstasy) and then sat… 616 more words

Walking Solo

Marathon Training: Overcoming Setbacks

It seems that the more kilometers you put in, the more opportunities there are for things to go wrong. Running is touted as one of those sports that requires next to no equipment, but let’s be real here… we all have a closet full of “gear” and there are some things that we come to rely on to keep us running smoothly (pun intented). 528 more words