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Chapter 3 Two Bees, or Not Two Bees? July 19-July 24 2015 Deep Gap to Nantahala Outdoor Center (85.4 Mile to 137.1 Mile)


Opportunity: it comes in many varieties.  For Julie and me, we have an opportunity to narrow the distance between us and Chris and Blake.  As discussed in Chapter 2, Chris and Blake were unable to make the hike the first week of June 2015, so we were able to gain 53.7 miles, narrowing the gap between us to approximately 65 miles. 7,054 more words

Chapter 2 Hostel Takeover May 31- June 5 2015 Neel Gap to Deep Gap

*This section is Dedicated to the Memory of my friend and Marine Corps Brother, John “Gravy Train” Graves. Semper Fidelis!


A year of anticipation; anxiously awaiting the time when the four of us (Chris and Blake, Julie and me) can set out once again to take on the challenge that the Appalachian Trail offers.   9,193 more words

Key Features to Look for in a Shoe

Written by sports guru- Wallace Muya:

Gravity, the force that attracts a body toward the center of the earth. Have you ever thought of how gravity helps in walking? 307 more words


Sandals with Socks on Slacker Saturday

I am having a real Slacker Saturday and I’m not apologizing for it.  I may not even apologize for this lame blog post, but we’ll see how bad it gets before I guarantee that.   551 more words


Oooh Buuurn !

Dear Readers,

What is the worst thing a very pale Irish girl can do when abroad in a much warmer country?

Not wear sunscreen.

I hate to admit it but I am an idiot. 584 more words

friday's two


get a blister boo-boo
but just keep running
(swimming, swimming) 
and that sun is brimming
over the mountain like a
slice of tangerine.

just keep going… 17 more words

Day 5: Walltown quarry to Carlisle...It's along way to go!

We’ve eventually made it to Carlisle. It’s been a long day today, harder than any of us could have imagined but it has also been an incredible experience with stunning views and support from so many people along the way. 420 more words

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