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My Favorite Lip Balms

Everyone has their favorite lip balms, these are some of mine. now I know there are negatives against some of these brands, but they work for me. 599 more words


A Winter Beauty Checklist

  • Body Moisturizer? For obtaining the utmost moisturized skin this upcoming winter, try Jergens’ lotion that you slap on WET skin, here is my review for more info. 
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November Favourites

It seemed fitting for the birth of Lola’s to be in November, seeing as November is also when I was born! I have wanted to create a blog since I was about 15 (I’m now 21… I feel old, yes.) A mixture of embarrassment (in case the kids at school found out and laughed at me) and not really having a clue how to start a blog resulted in the lengthy delay. 542 more words


Project Pan Update #3

Hello lovelies! I know that this update is a little late going up but I wanted to update you all anyways. This will be short and sweet and I’m not going to go through every item. 244 more words

A Superdrug Haul

When it reaches payday, one of the first shops I always go into is Superdrug to top up on my toiletries and beauty essentials. It’s the type of shop you go into for one item and always come out with a basket full – new products you want to test, items that are better than half price or something you’ve been meaning to pick up for ages. 453 more words

Taking Care Of Your Lips In Winter

In the winter time my lips can get really sore and cracked, but I have found a solution to this! And it only involves two products. 184 more words


My First Impressions!

Hey girlies! I’m sorry it took me eight days to finally post, but between classes and feeling under the weather I just didn’t have the time. 742 more words