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Blizzard of Ought Nine

One year ago today. 

Be thankful.  Be very thankful.  To date, we’ve had ZERO measurable snow.  Here’s a little video from one year ago today…gulp!

September song

Hello, almost autumn. You’re cool enough to be autumn, anyway. Soon enough. Soon enough, I say… no rush back to the double blizzard kill my family in a Shining sort of way from last year’s winter. 817 more words


After the Blizzard (Part II)

Feels appropriate considering the snowstorm that is supposed to be coming.

After the Blizzard (Part II)
22 December 2009
Quogue Wildlife Refuge, Quogue, NY


NORAD tracks santa

Shouldn’t we, as a country, be a bit more concerned about this Santa thing? I mean, S.A.N.T.A. What does that stand for? The fact that NORAD is tracking it should tell you something. 148 more words

Ready to call it the best Blizzard of 09.

I used to get a lot of nosebleeds as a kid. Radiator heat, along with a woodburning stove in the house I grew up in, meant dry, dry, dry air. 671 more words