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BLM's Mouthpiece Board Recommends Death to America's Wild Horses And Burros

It’s official, AGAIN, the BLM’s Wild Horse and Advisory Board recommends killing off Long Term Holding horses and any “excess” on the range…they even brainstormed about sending horses off to Russia to feed their Siberian Tigers. 196 more words

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Does the End of the Checkerboard Roundup Mean the End of the Lives of Wyoming’s Wild Horses?

Source:  wildhoofbeats.com

Does the End of the Checkerboard Roundup Mean the End of the Lives of Wyoming’s Wild Horses?

by Carol J. Walker, Dir. of Field Documentation for… 267 more words

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James Brown was Rich

In 1964 when James Brown went on the T.A.M.I. show, he had already earned more than a million dollars. He was rich. He wasn’t only rich, but he was so universally popular that on that show he shared the stage with the Beach Boys and Rolling Stones. 844 more words


Shreveport Man Charged With Hate Crime After Beating Another Man With Shovel...

One man is in jail and another man is recovering after a seemingly racially-charged attack happened on Saturday, October 14th. Shreveport Police say that 25 year old Derryon Houston repeatedly beat a man who was part of a construction crew with a shovel, after yelling racial slurs at the crew.

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Racism on Campus: Jason Nichols

By Setota Hailemariam

In a 2016 Facebook post, journalist Shaun King wrote, “Racism is as American as apple pie, baseball, and handguns.” All of these traditionally “American” concepts have been a part of this country’s culture for as long as anyone can remember, and they don’t show any signs of dying out anytime soon — much like racism. 466 more words

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Black Lives Matter Too

Debates have taken place nationally within the same topic; Do black lives matter or do all lives matter?”  Yes, black lives matter, but it’s not saying that only black lives matter. 362 more words