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Dear POTUS Trump,

As recently outlined by the socialist-leaning David Brooks of the New York Times – i.e. the leader of the “Resistance” – you are all but officially exonerated of all collusion and obstruction charges. 411 more words


Firefighters respond to wildfire near Clarno

Fire season is here.

Firefighters responded yesterday to a new wildfire near Clarno, Oregon, according to a BLM press release. The fire was reported yesterday just before noon along Highway 218, one mile east of the John Day River. 48 more words

Blue Mountain Eagle

She, like my own.

My daughter pops the play tent open and gets it ready. Sleeping bag, sheet, pillow, books, and her brother’s Spiderman lantern. She gives me a hug and kiss and asks me to put sheets over the tent to make extra dark and cozy and turns on the light. 720 more words

Kid In Minnesota Tells Parents He Too Wants To Be Above The Law When He Grows Up

Over dinner on Wednesday night, just as little Robby was pulling his sister over for turning left into the dining room during rush hour, his proud parents informed their guests that their son had recently informed them he suddenly wants to be a police officer. 267 more words


Not Guilty?

It was 9:00 in the evening of 6th July 2016 when Philando Castile, along with his girlfriend and his girlfriend’s daughter, was returning from the local grocery store. 747 more words


"One last thing: No black guys." (part two of two)

April was low season in Eland’s Bay and the hostel where I worked rarely had more than five guests on weeknights. While the weekend guests drank to enjoy themselves, the weekday guests drank to dull the pain. 581 more words