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Contact people! The right people!  When a story moves you contact your local radio and television stations, call the newspaper, and say you want to hear or read more about this story on the news, you want people to pay attention to this. 995 more words


Black Lives Matter Isn't Pro-Life, Period

Recently at The Federalist, an article appeared in which the author sincerely argued that two popular social movements – Black Lives Matter (BLM) and anti-abortion advocates – pursue a common goal: the respect and preservation life. 1,919 more words


Stay Shook, Fam

Stay shook, fam.
Don’t grow numb to every day hatred and oppression.
Stay shook, fam.
Be vocal when you need to and stand up when you’re supposed to. 185 more words


To Save the World

Within the context of a larger natural ecosystem, soils, plants, and abiotic factors take a starring role as compared to wildlife. It is nevertheless important to understand that setting aside land for the preservation of wildlife is not just important but, as Aldo Leopold once said, “to keep every cog and wheel if the first precaution of intelligent tinkering.” We in the 21st century have little knowledge of what impact the extinction of the Passenger Pigeon, the Eastern Elk, or the Merriam’s Elk has had on our systems, nor what impact the extinction of the Eastern Cougar will have. 884 more words


Lawsuit against FBI, DHS seeks information on surveillance of Black Lives Matter protesters

A group of human rights lawyers say they have documentation about local law enforcement agencies surveilling members of the Movement for Black Lives. They now want federal agencies to reveal what information they’ve collected. 292 more words