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Kaepernick BENCHED After The Worst Performance of All Time.

By Jesse Wilkins

Colin Kaepernick, one of the most talked about athletes of the year, just took his biggest “L” yet.  Not only has he lost every single game this year, not only did he praise one of the greatest oppressors in the last 100 years, while “taking a stand against oppression,” but he just got benched in the 4th quarter vs Chicago, after throwing for literally 4 YARDS THE ENTIRE GAME.   592 more words

The Meninisms

America Won’t Convict Killer Cops Because It Couldn’t Care Less

From my weekly column at Greed: “No Quarter”

(GREED) – “I cannot in good conscience consider a guilty verdict.” This is the sound of what a fully militarized system of white supremacy sounds like.  990 more words


Ladies and Gentlemen. The President of the United States.

I’ve been following the normalization of Donald Trump by the media. Much of recent history is being bent, mangled and mutilated as his supporters try to wash the taint of racism, xenophobia and White supremacy out of Trumpism. 322 more words


Top 10 reasons why it's hard to talk to some white people about race.

Talking about race, racism and the structure of white supremacy is always hard. It’s an uncomfortable subject to broach. It “rocks the boat” as it were; it’s a major buzzkill and can seriously destroy any good vibe. 378 more words

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“We Are Not Our Grandparents:” Yeah, That’s Pretty Clear

About the last month or so, there has been this theme floating around social media. It has shown up on t-shirts, sweatshirts, caps, mugs and probably underwear too. 1,074 more words

Stand with the Sioux, Kneel for the Anthem

We should be standing with Standing Rock

And kneeling for the anthem.

America was never great

It was all just a dream

A dream chased by immigrants… 303 more words


Telling people to “wait and see" about Trump highlights your own ignorance about the fight for LGBTQ, minority and gender equality

“Why don’t you just wait and see?” has become the conservative and pro-Trump motto since he won the election several weeks ago. I’ve heard and read it over and over again, and each time it makes me think the same thing: Every person who saying this to a member of the LGBTQ community, a minority, a woman, or any other person fighting for equality is exposing their profound ignorance when it comes to the realities of all these movements. 444 more words