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Is there such a thing as too many? .......

I counted the other day and I have 12 jumpsuits of various descriptions.  Seems rather a lot, even to me, as they are all ones that I’d only wear ‘of an evening’ so doesn’t include the assorted dungarees and boiler suits that I have sitting in the wardrobe.   278 more words

Repeat Pattern

One of the themes of my project is repetition, so obviously i have been drawn to repeat pattern.

For these drawings i have focused on a few key shapes of both male and female bums. 46 more words


Mainly good, couple of horrors .........

What a palava!  I ordered a huge amount of things from M&S over a week ago.  Trying to take advantage of the 20% discount I ordered sizes 12 and 14 in everything as from past experience I order the one size which is then too small, love it but discover I’ve missed the discount.   367 more words

Too hot to blog .....

Our house is at the top of a hill which mean cycling home from work can be a sweaty business. So coming in from work today I literally grabbed the first thing to hand was this little strapless dress from Reiss. 167 more words

May Go Dayglo ......

Ooops bit of a technical fault there.  There’s nothing remotely ‘on trend’ for what is basically ‘high-via’ wear but I have always loved bright coloured clothing and when finally you can say we’ve had a bit of hot weather I’m even more drawn to these citrus, almost tropical colours.   281 more words

Taking it to new heights ......

I can’t do mega heel height.  Number one, at 5’9″ or 10″ I’m too tall so I’d dwarf my husband and for some strange reason the majority of my mates are on the smallish side so I just end up peering down at the top of their heads the whole time.   259 more words

Mark Rothko: Block Colour and Shape

Abstract Expressionist Painter Mark Rothko creates simple compositions incorporating the use of flat block colour. Even though the layers in his painting are built up and they aren’t opaque blocks of colour, his work made me think about incorporating block colour into my own paintings. 106 more words