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The ultimate romantics us, not ............

Let me tell you how Valentines Day works in our household.  No cards, as all involve think it’s a complete waste of money.  One year, many moons ago, husband did produce a card but it’s vaguely embarrassing if your romantic gesture is not returned so card giving has never been repeated.   321 more words

Sales, now we're talking ......

As a general rule Cos is too pricey for me.  I love the loose shaping and layering of many of their clothes although there’s always one too many drop gusset/harem pants styles for my liking, but hey that’s only me.   321 more words

Is there such a thing as too many? .......

I counted the other day and I have 12 jumpsuits of various descriptions.  Seems rather a lot, even to me, as they are all ones that I’d only wear ‘of an evening’ so doesn’t include the assorted dungarees and boiler suits that I have sitting in the wardrobe.   278 more words

Repeat Pattern

One of the themes of my project is repetition, so obviously i have been drawn to repeat pattern.

For these drawings i have focused on a few key shapes of both male and female bums. 46 more words