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Block 76

Moving to Tokyo was a freedom decision
Left family & school behind to taste protocol invention
Bright colors outlining the seamless floorbed
Anime glaring through the glass tube… 72 more words


Writers Block(s)

I keep going around in circles thinking, “What should I write?” but it seems like every idea I have isn’t enough to complete a full post. 338 more words


Literary Constipation

First off, let me start by welcoming you back to this blog, your sheer tenacity to stick with us is highly commendable. If you’re new to this site then I’ll assume that you intentionally clicked on this site to discover sheer literary prowess. 627 more words


Inspire me.

So, here’s the moment which any person who claims he or she can write dreads. The moment when they hit the metaphorical wall, where all their ideas bounce back to them instead of pouring onto the page, which are then uploaded to their blogs, or anywhere they want. 218 more words

Inquisitive Mind

Monster Hall of Fame

Week One: Task 3: Write a horror story from your monster hall of fame (someone who has been an enemy of my creative self worth) 255 more words


Verbal therapy could block reduce fear memories in trauma victims

Printed today in PLOS ONE, this research could be the first to look at whether upgrading – a mental treatment currently only used for patients with serious post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) may be utilized more extensively to victims of injury before PTSD develops, during a time called the ‘consolidation window’. 106 more words