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More mind power - Más poder mental

For me it was funny to realize how it works at the very beginning. It’s not any kind of super power, just the way mind works itself that can be used for our own profit and for success: Some times I feel really stressed and I come to a point in which my mind collapses. 327 more words

big snow of winter

nice school of east closed today

solid block of ice

bad weather of day or night

good view in sight in city


Kaohsiung Cutout

EVELYN: The Kaohsiung block has more height than Tainan, but less than some sectors of Taipei or Seoul. Its surfaces are colorful, straight-edged collage. Concrete, painted or not; tile; corrugated sheets of steel. 78 more words

Pretty Block Stitch - Free Picture Tutorial

So pretty, colorful, and easy!  Just click on the pic to go to @MyPlace, one of my new favorite blogs.


Writer's Block

Okay so, last time I talked about Writer’s Block, I thought I knew everything.

But really, it isn’t a thing at all. When you are writing more than one thing at a time, it is very difficult to keep going on each story without getting stuck. 256 more words

Indian Art 

India: Wood Block Fabric Printing

India has been renowned for its printed and dyed cotton cloth since the 12th century and the creative processes flourished as the fabric received royal patronage. 1,157 more words


Time to learn

Today has been a bit finickity.  I’ve been holding the image of the Three of Wands in my mind to support the channeling of the fire and so far have managed to not bite anyone’s head off or self-destruct.  237 more words

Spiritual Work