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Are you wanting to take advantage of our FREE SHIPPING this month, but just not sure what all our products do???
Here’s The 411 on each product: 401 more words


You're Halfway There

Wanna know something cool about using ICF? You don’t have to do this:

 Original image here

A traditional “stick frame house” (I’m learning my industry terms) appears to go up a lot faster than an ICF house. 217 more words

Tips For Writer's Block

I’ve got some tips for all of you who experience the hellish dreadful, skull dragging, eye-watering phenomenon known as ‘Writer’s Block’.

Note, these have worked for me, but I’m me, and you’re not, so it may not work for you! 214 more words

What do I do?

Writing 101, Day 9 – What do you do when your not writing?

You ask what do I do
when I’m not sitting side-by-side
with a sharpener… 100 more words


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PEGIDA Munich - photographer handcuffed

Once again I visited PEGIDA Munich to cover neo-nazi participants and capture footage for my long-term documentary about the Munich branch of the the movement founded a little more than a year ago in Dresden. 579 more words


Is div inline or block?

It’s block!

is a block element.

Hello world.