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Pre-Island Preparations: Emergency Services

As I jogged along Corn Neck Road this afternoon, I witnessed a scary scene. Two bicycles collided on a hill with some force and speed. One individual was left unable to move. 568 more words

Block Island

Lena Dunham, usual suspects cheer Supreme Court's blocking of new Texas abortion clinic law

What is being popularly called the “Liberal Spring” on social media hit a speed bump earlier today when the pro-Obamacare┬áSupreme Court that legalized same-sex marriage nationally ruled both… 554 more words

US Politics

Tumblr Abuse

With all the changes going on some people feel they need to attack and harass those who are in favor.

Tumblr is my favorite website but sometimes it can be harsh. 53 more words


Writer's Block

Writer’s block.What is it actually?To be honest I don’t know the correct definition but it’s when you are unable to write or unable to create something artisitic.A quick google helped me clear my doubts. 197 more words


Curing writers block... part 1

Hi everyone. Unfortunately, I’m suffering from writers block (cry for me 😭) and i need a way to clear my head. In effect, every now and then I will write until I’ve released all of this pent up writing energy and I am able to properly able to express a coherent thought using words. 59 more words

Overlay your house on Google Maps

Right now our block isn’t subdivided, so it’s just a block of dirt. After recent rain, it actually resembles a small lake, but I had an idea.. 253 more words

Taste Test: Chocolab.com.au - Custom Chocolate Blocks!

I recently got the chance to test-drive the new Chocolab website. It’s an awesome idea – custom build your own blocks of chocolate using a variety of flavours, fillings and add-ins! 86 more words