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Power Rangers Official Theatrical Trailer

Go, Go Power Rangers! Get ready for “Morphin Time!” as Lionsgate released the theatrical trailer for the upcoming movie Power Rangers. View trailer below. 186 more words


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Power Rangers Teaser Trailer

It’s “Morphin Time”. Get ready for the rangers as Lionsgate released the teaser trailer for the upcoming movie Power Rangers. View trailer below. 180 more words


Star Trek Beyond and the Déjà Vu of Summer Blockbusters

why Star Trek Beyond should be less Transformers and more Friends

Uhura can save herself, thank you very much. (Forbes) I watched Star Trek Beyond… 555 more words

At The Movies: A Star Trek Fan Says Yay and Not Nay

I cannot necessarily say that I’m a Trekkie. If you’re unsure what that word means, there’s a 1997 documentary called Trekkies that will update you on the obsessive die hard qualities of a Star Trek “groupie”. 801 more words


Summer Blockbusters

Maybe it’s time to notice who’s feeding America’s appetite for violence — and go on a diet.

The Mogul

Give me a star
a car… 158 more words

Media Literacy

Blockbuster Movies: The Future

Is there a chance that blockbuster movies could, I don’t know, improve? With the new Star Wars movie (The Force Awakens) and its sequels (and the new film resonated with those who treasure the original trilogy), will there be more blockbuster movies that don’t completely depend on action sequences and also have a plot? 21 more words

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