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100 Most Important Film Directors of All Time #95. David Lean

The studio system in Hollywood was collapsing by the mid-1950s. Big studios, like MGM and Warner Brothers were retreating  from film making, turning instead more and more to the distribition side of the business. 691 more words


It's raining sequels, reboots and remakes in Hollywood.

Spider-man: Homecoming in a theater near you soon.

Are you experiencing deja-vu? No. Then, why does it seem like you’ve heard this line before? Or is this 2002? 998 more words

Movie Trends

Where Do I Know That Actor? (Dunkirk Edition)

Dunkirk, Christopher Nolan’s World War II tale, is the #1 film at the box office. In full disclosure, I haven’t seen the film yet (although it’s on my summer cinema must-see list). 354 more words


Summer Blockbuster Spectacular!! (Random Shots Podcast Episode 19)

Our heroes speak about Summertime cinema.. .and for our “Top Shelf” topic, we give our picks for “Top Summer Blockbusters!”

Links: Show notes (link to view info, songs, videos discussed on this episode).  39 more words


What Diana doesn’t know: Feminist commentary in “Wonder Woman”

The biggest source of comic relief in the movie “Wonder Woman” is the juxtaposition of Diana’s ultra-competence in battle with her utter lack of competence in all things “womanly” (ok, not… 925 more words


A Brief Word About the 2017 Blockbuster Season

Okay, it’s well and truly here, the 2017 Blockbuster Season, the time when the big studios release their tentpole summer movies in the hopes of bagging massive box office returns, and if they’re lucky, some long overdue critical approval. 507 more words


Transformers 5: The Last Knight Trailer | Global Movie Trailers

WATCH THIS and you will find out why Transformers 5 is another Action Blockbuster Movie!
(Global Movie Trailers YT Vid – )