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Rating: 8 out of 10.

Jaws in space.

That’s what two screenwriters said as they walked into a Hollywood producer’s office.

And Alien was born. 1,121 more words

Gifts for Him

When it comes to men, present buying can be tricky, but there are certain rules to stick by that always work. Aftershave always goes down well, as does an update on their razor or an introduction to a new skincare range (John Bell & Croyden have an amazing selection of brands for men!) New Pants and socks will always winners as will a decent bottle of plonk. 634 more words

Peaky Blinders: The Blurred Lines Twixt Fact & Fiction

I was hooked to the series from the get go but it got real interesting on finding out Peaky Blinders was based on an actual notorious Birmingham gang involved in gambling, robbery, protection rackets and violence. 2,642 more words


Review: Tenet

When people are eagerly awaiting a new blockbuster, it’s hard to temper expectations; it’s harder still when said blockbuster is made by Christopher Nolan, an auteur who has made one exceptional film after another. 880 more words


FILM: Godzilla (dir. Roland Emmerich)

Some Godzilla films see Godzilla as a rampaging monster who needs to be stopped at all costs. Some see him as a fundamentally benign force who can teach us something about our own corruption. 757 more words


Free Blockbuster LUT Downloads

by Alister Chapman

  • S-Log3/SGamut3.cine 33x Grading (Best Compatibility)
  • S-Log3/SGamut3.cine 65x Grading (Best Quality)
  • On Camera LUT for FS7, FS7 II, F5, F55

The LUT is designed for use in camera as a “User Look” for use in post production with any Sony S-log3 capable camera. 66 more words


Review: Tenet (2020)

Run that by me one more time… : Warner Bros/Syncopy

Turn the music down when people are talking Nolan – you’ve been told before! TENET is perhaps Christopher Nolan’s most elusive film after MEMENTO, and not always for the reasons intended. 541 more words