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happy 2 months

baby brian,

today you are 2 months old!  i said this last month, and i’ll say it again, time is flying!  before i know it you will be 2 years old, and then 22 years old.  562 more words


It's Completely Normal

Exhaustion and hormones can really make you question your parenting skills and your baby’s behavior.  It’s easy to resort to the internet to diagnose the symptoms you observe in your baby.   515 more words

The Specialist

Hey baby girl,

When you were first born you were having a tough time eating. One of the doctors in the hospital, as well as a lactation specialist your mom went to see recommended we have your tongue clipped. 537 more words


Weeks 33 And 34

I just discovered this post was still in my DRAFTS folder!!! How in the world did that happen?? It should have been posted on 6/11/14. Well no wonder I didn’t get any likes… ;)  925 more words

Rudi's Operation.

Since birth Rudi has suffered from a ‘blocked tear duct’, nothing major, it’s just a nuisance for Rudi as he hates me cleaning it, it was supposed to open by itself by the age of 12 months, but it didn’t.  212 more words

Day 15: blocked tear duct

She slept well last night. However we noticed a rather big, bruise like lump near her eye today. After seeing the GP who wasn’t sure what it was or how to treat it, we went to AE. 127 more words

New Born

Pinching nose bridges

One thing about Asians having babies is the sheer amount of old wives’ tales and myths which gets repeatedly offered as ‘advice’. Indeed, it can be frustrating when distant or close relatives chide a new parent for not following their tried and tested methods of raising children. 282 more words