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ALRIGHT EVERYONE OF YOU BLOCKHEADS ON THE INTERNET NEED TO LISTEN TO ME.  I just had the most horrible weekend ever. If I were queen, this kind of thing would never happen.   537 more words


LATE TO THE PARTY: Aesop Rock - Labor Days (2001)

Listen to the entire album on YouTube here!

How much is too much?

Wordsmith Aesop Rock has always been, for lack of better word, dense. Like afredo-sauce dense. 615 more words


Random Mind Mashing

There be games where you can win squid salad. They glow in spaceships which fly over shining paths littered with breadcrumbs.
Cycle flower power plans to caravans of strangers who walk with me… 101 more words


EP Review: Aesop Rock - Cat Food

Click HERE to purchase this project.

I’ve never listened to a full Aesop Rock project, and this is probably a really bad place to start since there are literally only two songs on here, but… I guess I really don’t give a shit to be honest. 748 more words

Hip Hop

You Disproportionate Glob of Grease

Some builders are ever in search of the topic they’re good in. It took seb toutouille a while, but there’s no denying he has found his speciality. 315 more words


[NEW MUSIC] + [TOUR DATES] Emancipator Announces New Album & Extensive Ensemble Tour

Emancipator​ has announced a brand new album, Seven Seas, set to be released on September 25th. The title track off of the album which features beautiful vocals by… 120 more words