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iPhone iOS; Stop robocalls (automated recording calls)

Armed with computers, able to spoof phone numbers, and hiding offshore from law enforcement, robocallers are on the loose again.  Robocallers are a huge annoyance when they call your cell phone because they chew up your minutes.   210 more words


The Playside Receiver's Six-Phase Blocking Progression of the Deep Defender

1. On Triple Option, the Playside Receiver is responsible for blocking the Deep Defender, which is the defender who drops over the top of the Receiver when the Receiver sprints off the ball. 168 more words

High School First-Level Scoop Blocking in 2016

1. On Triple Option, the Backside Tackle is Always Scoop blocking; however, with the federation changes in 2016, he is no longer allowed to go to the ground and  go to the ground on the first-level defender. 142 more words

Trying Out Steam Blocking

Just look at her! Isn’t the stitch pattern beautiful? (Ignore the incredibly old and un-beautiful towel beneath!) I credit the steam blocking that I tried out using the lovely… 204 more words


Google will start blocking Flash content in Chrome by the end of the year

(Source: www.hardwarezone.com.sg)

Google will start blocking Flash content in Chrome by the end of the year

It’s been foretold countless times – Flash’s demise is imminent. 327 more words


The main reason why people are not already using ad blockers should worry publishers

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

The principal reason why most people haven’t yet switched on an ad blocker is simply because they are not aware they could block ads — a stat that should worry businesses that rely on online advertising to make money. 298 more words