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SystemVerilog: Use of non-blocking while driving stimulus

This post is about a generally seen practice in any testbench driver. Ever thought that why it is better to use Non-Blocking Assignments (NBA’s) in driver? 686 more words

System Verilog

Pakistan issues 'last warning' to Islamists blocking entrance to capital

ISLAMABAD (Reuters) – Pakistan’s government on Friday issued a final warning to members of a hard-line Islamist party who have blocked a main road into the capital since last week, raising fears of a violent clash as they refuse to budge.

• Blocking quiz / test apps from accessing your Facebook information

Here’s what I posted on Facebook recently

Your friends are the weakest link, mine too

Every time I spot that you’ve taken some test on Facebook and shared your results here I block the app that you used.

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You know when the typical person gets a very bad virus such as the Flu or even a severe cold virus? They are drained of their energy, they cannot do very much, they feel horrible, they cannot do the things they normally would do. 1,125 more words

Foam Blocking Mat/Board Set Review...

Hello everyone. This blog is about this really nice foam blocking mat/board Set that I got to try out. It is from this Company called WooLove and they have a few items listed on amazon. 513 more words

关于同步/异步 VS 阻塞/非阻塞的一点体会

长期以来,同步(synchronous),异步(asynchronous),阻塞(blocking)和非阻塞(non-blocking)这几个概念一直困扰着我。我以前一直简单地以为同步等于阻塞,异步等于非阻塞。直到最近读完UNIX Network Programming (Volume 1)的第6章之后,并查阅了大量网上的资料之后,我才对这个问题有了一个比较清楚的认识。

在讨论这四个概念的区别之前,我们首先要确定一下我们讨论的上下文(context),那就是Linux的network IO。对于一个网络IO来说(以read作为例子),其执行过程通常可以分为两个阶段。第一阶段,等待数据从网络中到达,并被拷贝到内核中某个缓冲区(Waiting for the data to be ready)。第二阶段,把数据从内核态的缓冲区拷贝到用户态的应用进程缓冲区来(Copying the data from the kernel to the process)。 95 more words


Chrome will start blocking annoying website redirects

(Source: www.theverge.com)

As part of Google’s ongoing effort to make ad-ridden websites more bearable, the company is introducing some new protections to Chrome. Over the next couple months, the browser will start blocking various types of annoying, unwanted redirects, where a website or ad suddenly loads a new page, either because it’s been hijacked by a bad ad or because it intentionally wants to force visitors to see one. 497 more words