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A Swift Wind Up

It’s a pun! Hahaha! I amuse myself. A yarn swift is holds a skein of yarn that is in a hank (looks all twisted up). It keeps the skein from getting tangled and you spin it around to wind the yarn into a ball- Knitting directly from a skein is a disaster waiting to happen. 935 more words


Almost a do-over...

I’m almost done with my do-over pullover. And by that, I mean I only have to block it! (Yay!) Hopefully, this weekend will be it, and I can wear it — and write about it here — proudly. 262 more words


The Cancer Blocking Effects of Turmeric

Studies have found that turmeric can block every stage of cancer transformation. Take less than a teaspoon of turmeric every day to reduce the DNA mutating ability of substances that cause cancer. 40 more words

One of Those Days

It’s one of those days where something just doesn’t feel right and so to comfort myself, I’ve been carrying around a couple of skeins for inspiration. 326 more words


Conqueror Advanced Guide (Full)

Why Conqueror?

Conqueror is the one of the strongest Defensive Heroes in the game. He has the ability to punish enemies for misplays and missed attacks strongly, and a kit that allows him to disable enemies and negate almost all damage. 4,125 more words


Producer Consumer Using Blocking Queue

package com.sudharsan.examples;

import java.util.ArrayList;

import java.util.List;

class Producer implements Runnable {

private List<Integer> queue;

private int threshold;

public Producer(final List<Integer> queue, int threshold) {

this.queue = queue; 219 more words

Precisely How to Eradicate Unwanted Types of Noise Everywhere It is Found

Even gorgeous types of noise will become unwelcome racket if there exists too much of it. Raucous tones can harm a person’s hearing. Unrelenting noises tends to makeĀ  289 more words