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Fell asleep with TNG on, dozed in and out... which episode was the scene where...?

Fell asleep with TNG on, dozed in and out… which episode was the scene where…?

…The Enterprise is in a standoff with some Romulan(?) warships. It appears the Romulans have the upper hand when suddenly a couple or more Klingon Birds of Prey de-cloak as well. 32 more words

Star Trek

Where is Data's power source?

Where is Data’s power source?

It's been established that he does not need to eat, nor sleep. He can run continuously for days at a time, at least. 44 more words

Star Trek

Wednesday Special Spotlight #newbook by @pagehalffull Susan Lodge-Captain Rockford’s Reckoning

Wednesday Special Spotlight

Shines On

New Release for International Best Selling author Susan Lodge! Crooked Cat Books is proud to release the brilliant historical romance Captain Rockford’s Reckoning. 290 more words


Legal Fees

My mediator indicated that he would throw off a hundred bucks if I gave him a good Yelp review for my divorce.

I told him politely that he did well. 38 more words