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Welcome to my blog!

Hi, I’m Sarah. I am a christian and I absolutely love to draw! I especially love to draw things such as fantasy because I get to use my imagination in creating new worlds and different creatures. 197 more words


So, I've been writing a book...

I rambled so much about missing the old home that I forgot to mention this project I’ve been working on!

Sooo, Sean and I used multiple methods in our attempts to stay sane during the Fiance Visa process. 695 more words


Sing a soooooong

Music quiets the most foul of beasts. It can be inspirational. Some musicians are known for perfect baby-making music. They can help to bring those tears to surface that tighten your throat, but just want come to air. 130 more words


Charlotte's Babies Are Busting Through The Nest!

As you know I am writing my way through the first draft of Love Knows. In between breaks, I find myself in awe of Charlotte and her five (yes!) babies. 109 more words


Climate and Environment question and answer session with Robert Redford

Just like me, I know most people would like to know more about climate change.

Tune in for #AskRobertRedford Q&A today at 4PM EST. Looking forward to his insights on… 12 more words


A Girl Called Crisis, Part Two; My Foster Sister

Though my adopted sister Sarah has only “run away”  twice in the 5+ years she’s been with us, my foster sister Tee has only been here for 3 months and already has her beat. 443 more words


Must escape

Our life force is being sucked away each day by the fan and A/C (  ̄д ̄;)

Every fek’n day…dry throat, dry skin, and a weariness that pushes us to keep sleeping.

678 more words