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Liability Lil on Holidayze, Hip Swinging & Some Kamakazi "Karring" across the Desert.

In our Doobying in Dubai adventures thus far, we have “swum” with the fishes, waded in Wadi waters, and “kaused” kayak “khaos”, not to mention the regular downing of large brandies, and the lying in darkened rooms seeking enlightenment (no smart comments about switches and bulbs please). 1,208 more words


Photo Series: Coffee!!!

There’s nothing like waking up to a cup of GOOD COFFEE! I’m fortunate enough to have a pretty decent espresso machine at the house, and I figured, meh, why not take some pictures of making a coffee!!  277 more words


10 things to start doing

  1. Admit that I’m wrong. Even can be wrong sometimes. It doesn’t happen alot because I’m close to perfect, but every now and then even I get something wrong.
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Easter eggs decor

Here I am using some wooden eggs that I found in the store. I suppose anything will do. I am looking farward to give these eggs as a present, so I am going to make them last for years, much longer than real eggs. 99 more words


Week 3 Creating Personas - cmar3250

Carlos Mardones Del Solar

Our workshop group was diverse, different nationalities and cultures, however, we took the easiest way and we separated people by ages. I think that the strategy wasn’t the best because at the end we notice that grouping by ages doesn’t impact on the different behaviours as others categories does in this case: Like for example, the use of public transport as a complement to other means of transport, such as the bicycle which is used by two members of the group. 131 more words

Week 3 - A Persona Person

The topic we chose was the cinema experience, which was a more social topic. That’s why the way I proceeded with the interview process was more of a casual conversation. 106 more words

Blog Reflection

Week 3: Personas

1. Describe your experience of creating a single persona from different user’ perspective gathered in the interview data.  Was there enough commonality between the 4 people interviewed to form a coherent persona? 26 more words

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