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The Return

Initially, my Poppi did keep the connection with his family with visits from them and he also visited Germany with my grandmother, mom and uncle. 321 more words

My Poppi

This project has allowed me to understand my Poppi’s decision to immigrate from Hamburg, Germany to the United States on a more intricate level. The most important piece of knowledge I learned from this project and the research of my classmates is the reasons why groups, or individuals, migrate. 598 more words

51 Percent Greek

Researching my family’s migration to the United States has allowed me to consider how my families story is similar and different to the stories of many Greeks.  1,237 more words

Blog 3

Theoretically Analyzing My Dad's Migration

Neoclassical theory can be used to explain my families circumstances around the time of their migration.  This theory emphasizes the way that individuals seek to “maximize utility” (Borjas 1989: 460).   469 more words

New Updated Info: AQUA TEXT

30 Day Blog Challenge. Day 30: 10 Hopes for the future.

Hello everyone!

We have now reached the end of the 30 Day Blog Challenge. It has fulfilled my wish of providing me with the creativity for future blogs. 109 more words


30 Day Blog Challenge. Day 29: Something you find fascinating.

Hello everyone!

We all know who fascinates me, but this blog is asking to name something that fascinates me. For me this is simple. The thing that fascinates me is the human body. 613 more words