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Confessions like such.

I see you.
Your smile. Your Kindness. Your intelligence.
So close, yet so far-
yet you make my hair jump
and make my heart skip a beat. 105 more words


Blog 3: What is the main theme of this chapter? (Chapter 2 How Soccer Explains the World)

The main theme of chapter two of How Soccer Explains the World is religious differences. This chapter discusses Franklin Foer’s experiences with two different soccer teams, the Glasgow Rangers Football Club and the Glasgow Celtic Football Club. 216 more words

Blog 3

Feminism in The Glass Castle

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A voice to all the rape victims out there. Y’all are true heroes of strength. 

She lay motionless in the dark
She wanted to cry, 135 more words


Genres in Films and TV from Different Cultures

Movies shape cultures while they are the products from the culture. Cultures influence how we think and behave. Film and TV industries as a great part of popular media are, with no doubt, a great reflection of the society and culture that we live in. 422 more words

Blog 3

Shatter the facade.

I am an Indian. I’m dark-skinned and I love my skin colour.
But in the past, I used to hate it. The society, who ironically are dark-skinned too made me believe I’m impure, I’m disgusting, I’m ugly and in order to be pretty, I need to be fair and pale and because of this I used to slap on layers of fairness creams every day religiously hoping I’d be ‘white’ one day. 653 more words