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Change of Plans

Recently I have started doing calculations on my mentor’s current project data to give an overall view of where she is at in her analysis process. 260 more words

Blog #3


Resilience. A word that I have always heard being passed around but never understood the real meaning. All through school I kept hearing this word but again no one would ever explain it, which gave me the idea that maybe they never understood the meaning themselves. 193 more words

To be continued...

My first week in the Development Engineering Sciences (DES) lab was actually pretty productive and not as boring as I had previously anticipated. Don’t get me wrong, my first day was uneventful but that was to be expected. 182 more words

Blog #3

Evidence Based Practice

EPB stands for evidence based practice. Working at the Flagstaff Medical Center for three weeks now taught me a little bit about EPB from my mentor Cynthia Beckette. 288 more words

A Quick Note On Sponsorships

I watched this video recently and it made me laugh – a lot. It also made me think – and as a result I wanted to update you on the sponsorship/affiliate situation with me at the moment. 357 more words


With our most recent experiment I had to stay in the lab for about 14 hours. I started the experiment at 8 in the morning and didn’t leave until 11 at night. 338 more words

Blog #3