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Partner With Me and Get Your Blog Out To More People: 1 Spot Left

I have one Partner spot opening up soon.

Do you want to get your blog in front of more people?  If you want more exposure, but don’t know exactly what to do, I might be able to help.  84 more words


How to Write a Brilliant Blog Post per Week

Hi guys,

Today’s post is all about writing that great post. The one that is going to attract new readers, build trust with the old ones, and engage every one who stumbles upon your blog to comment… 830 more words


Partner With Me and Get Your Blog Out To More People: 2 Spots Open

I have Partner spots opening up soon.  You can get more exposure for your blog!

Let me ask you a question, if more people knew about the quality of your content, that you are willing to engage and that you are interested in helping to support the blogging community, do you think they would be more inclined to follow you or read you page? 76 more words



What?! After 4ish months of blogging, I have hit the milestone of 100 followers!! I am so excited!!! I appreciate all of you so much. This blogging experience has been amazing for me, and I love seeing all your comments on my posts! 487 more words

Clean Book Reviews

Life is long if you know how to use it

“I know what I need to do but still I am not doing it…“

Confession of millions of people with broken dreams.

People say regret is the worst disease. 545 more words

1 best way to deal with people : Father Forgets

We can all agree when I say that,” Sometimes words hurt…”

Here’s a little story for you at the end of which you will be a different person.. 664 more words

Sunshine Blogger Award (and my nominations)

Thanks to Kev (@KevBlogs) for nominating my lil ol’ blog for a Sunshine Blogger award!

Kev has asked recipients to answer eleven questions, here are my answers: 660 more words