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Best tips on uncovering U.S. documents on mysterious Soviet Union relatives

Once many people learn their relatives came from the Soviet Union, the excitement of researching their past seems to be reduced to anxiety. The challenges feared chill the thrill of what can be learned. 506 more words

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PuzzleDo Mystery Solution

This is the answer to the final whodunit puzzle from PuzzleDo which was held in March. If you haven’t solved the puzzle; why not give it a try before reading the spoilers below – all the puzzles and the final mystery can be found in the PAST COMPETITIONS tab above. 539 more words

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PuzzleDo Mystery Revisited

I haven’t properly sent off PuzzleDo that happened three months ago, both Michaels have already received their prizes long ago. PuzzleDo has been a project lying dormant for about 7(!) years; the logo, characters, weapons and room cards were all drawn 7 years ago before I even entered college. 227 more words

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There Was Supposed to Be A Post Here...

Sadly, my computer has decided for it not to be. Stay tuned, folks!

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Puzzledo Wild Cards

You were told there were 9 rooms in Tudor Mansion, but only a handful realized that there was a 10th room. That room was the basement. 254 more words

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New Facebook Site for Hidden Persuaders Project

The Hidden Persuaders is a research project based at Birkbeck, University of London that examines the history of brainwashing and persuasion in culture, clinical knowledge and the Cold War human sciences. 35 more words


Results of PuzzleDo

16 solvers participated in PuzzleDo. I promised two prizes; one for the main tournament and one for everyone who scored over 100. All 16 of you scored over 100 so everyone is qualified for the second prize. 614 more words

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