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Somewhere in Tudor Mansion...

We have about 12 days left of PuzzleDo.

The tournament bracket is still filling up. However, as of now, Wild Card spots have not yet been taken. 101 more words

Blog Announcements

Crack on!

And we’re off!

Important political figures and billionaires gathered at Tudor Mansion celebrating entrepreneur Dr. Black’s winning of the prestigious Holmstrom-Hart Award. As the party die down and guests trickle out the door – the adventure in the after hours begin. 155 more words

Blog Announcements

February Update

I needed to take a break from the site for a little bit, sometimes I just go too hard and burn myself out. I don’t want a similar situation to last year where I just put out poorly written content so if I’m not in the mood to write, I would prefer to just take a break from the site but I’m going to be back this week with some “reviews.” 39 more words

Blog Announcements

A Bit of Context...

So, I think I should spell a few things out because I know that this blog is not receiving the same amount of love that it previously did. 160 more words

Blog Announcements

March is Detective Month

Coming up is SOTR’s first long narrative event. It will based on the classic board game Cluedo (or just Clue for American readers).

A prize-winning economist Dr. 201 more words

Blog Announcements

Hi, guys. So I’ll be changing the blog schedule a bit.

It’s mostly been daily uploads so far. Will now be shifting to alternate days. 45 more words


Discover, Dedicate, Develop! (Blog Intro)

Why I Started This Blog

College and curiosity have given me some interesting information. Some of it has impacted my life, my writing and my general outlook. 115 more words