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Starting is the hardest thing!

Yes, this is the beginning . . .but in fact, where does one start?  One wonders if the beginning is really at the end.  Is where I am now the place to reminisce or do I begin with my earliest memories?   158 more words

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Gig Poster

In this class every project is so challenging, but the good thing is that with each project I get to learn a lot more, making of the process a great experience. 553 more words

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For this project we were asked to create a design that was going to be impressed on a t-shirt. We could only use four colors. We had the freedom to use whatever style we wanted, but we needed to make sure the design transmitted a concept. 396 more words

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7 High-Fiber Foods to Help You Meet Your Health Goals

Let’s be honest, we know it has a stinky reputation, but fiber is a powerful food component.  A diet high in fiber has numerous health benefits including weight management, prevention of GI disorders, lowering cholesterol, reducing risk of certain cancers, and controlling and preventing diabetes. 377 more words


Throwback Thursday Link Party: 3/3/16

It’s Thursday–Time for a Throwback Thursday Link Party!!

There were 33 posts last week, which makes my heart super-happy! We had a bit of a mixture–some original fiction, some book blogging, lifestyle pieces, etc., which made reading through the posts so fun. 321 more words

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Got my PhD Defense Date 3/28/16

I have been so in a cave since my last blog post. My life has been and absolute whirlwind, but in the most loveliest of ways. 47 more words

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