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5 Effective LinkedIn Hacks for Social Selling

Back in 2007, I was interviewing for the position of a Business Development Executive. It seemed to be going fairly well till the hiring manager popped a question asking if I had an account on LinkedIn. 1,120 more words

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How To Efficiently Respond To RFP’s

During the last quarter of the year and the first quarter of every year, I am flooded with RFPs from various potential prospects and clients. This is because either these companies float RFP’s to develop solutions and exhaust their remaining budgets for the year or have planned to invest extensively on a particular solution for the coming year and may be looking for potential vendors. 1,096 more words

Business Development

A Quick 10-Step Guide To Transition From Inside Sales To Sales!

When I started my career in Business Development, it consisted of four key activities:

  • Make calls
  • Send emails to the right contacts in target companies based on the segment assigned and more importantly,
  • 894 more words
Business Development

About Blog Archives

This post is in response to Writing 201’s Day 5 assignment: Make the Most of Your Archives.
The forget-me-not is my favorite flower, not only reminding me of my childhood in Alaskan mountains, but also of other stories I have to share.What better photo do I have reminding me about my archives? 667 more words


Astonishingly Reflective Moments of Contrast Living in Chile as a US Black Woman

I keep having these astonishingly reflective moments of contrast living here in Chile when compared to my US life. There is so much new construction going on in my neighborhood and a whole new subdivision of homes have sprung up since my first arrival in Fall 2013. 865 more words

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July, 4th in Chile became The Américan Cup Football Súper Saturday... Chi Chi Chi le le le ¡Viva Chile!

I don’t believe that any of us knew how wonderful a day this was going to be or us this July 4, 2015. That was particularly true for me, because I was protesting Independence Day in the US via the #4thOfJulyBlackout being sponsored on Facebook and supported by me on that day. 49 more words

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Guess who's headed back to Chile? ¡Está mujer por un mes!

I am so excited about returning to Chile this July in order to complete my dissertation writing in peace.  Needless to say, it’s been a pretty rough going for us who are civically engaged in the #BlackLivesMatters movement.  170 more words

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