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Food Adventures - Making Street Food

I grew up loving street food. You can almost find them anywhere here in the Philippines. I remember how much I beg my mom to buy me all sorts of food  when we go to the wet market, from… 193 more words

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Food Adventures - The Instant Noodle Upgrade

I think it’s about time to put some life back into this blog. (Charges up the defibrillator) “Clear!”

Okay, now that’s out of the way. 362 more words

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So I'm Loving my new job: Graduate Researcher for Experience UGA Program

Last Tuesday was my first week of field trips with children from the Clarke County School District (CCSD) in Athens, Georgia. These lovely ladies are UGA undergraduates from the elementary education program who I supervised today as they worked with CCSD visiting kindergarteners. 1,013 more words

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The Power of a single word....

Perfection is such a bad word in my books. If we were all perfect, then we would basically be robots or Stepford wives. (*shudders*)

At some point or another in everybody’s lives, they have had flaws. 181 more words

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That's a Wrap! - January 2015

Boy am I glad this month is over.

I know its been a long time since my last post. Sadly, i have completely blown my own resolution to plan out my blog posts early, which was supposed to start January 1st. 230 more words

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