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July, 4th in Chile became The Américan Cup Football Súper Saturday... Chi Chi Chi le le le ¡Viva Chile!

I don’t believe that any of us knew how wonderful a day this was going to be or us this July 4, 2015. That was particularly true for me, because I was protesting Independence Day in the US via the #4thOfJulyBlackout being sponsored on Facebook and supported by me on that day. 49 more words

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Guess who's headed back to Chile? ¡Está mujer por un mes!

I am so excited about returning to Chile this July in order to complete my dissertation writing in peace.  Needless to say, it’s been a pretty rough going for us who are civically engaged in the #BlackLivesMatters movement.  170 more words

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"I'm going to be a doctor!" Experience UGA: National Public Health Week with CCSD 2nd Graders on campus

In March a group of Clarke County School District (CCSD) 2nd graders came to visit our campus as part of the Experience UGA program.  The focus of this particular trip was public health and incorporated the importance of physical fitness.  779 more words

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"Can you write that another way so I can read it?"

“Can you write that another way so I can read it?” is what the cute little boy told me toward the end of our field trip when a group of Clarke County School District kindergartners visited campus.  959 more words

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Program participant's quote: "I don't want to leave from here. I like it!"

The field trips of Clarke County School District (CCSD) students to our campus at UGA keep getting better and better. :)  The quote that titles this blog post perfectly summed up the sentiment of a little boy who I overheard speaking at loud as he, our student teacher, and his classmates were headed to their school buses for departure.  1,135 more words

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A time for Change...

I will admit I have been in a full on slump lately. But with the craziest winter Halifax has had since 2004, I don’t think that anyone will blame me. 165 more words

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I think I'm done and ready to start again

  1. Exported all posts from margaretrosestringer.com
  2. Imported them into adjustingmybackground.com
  3. Spent about a month (only slight exaggeration) selecting which posts to keep
  4. Deleted the others
  5. Reinstated those deleted in error :/
  6. 263 more words
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