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This post is in response to Writing 201’s Day 5 assignment: Make the Most of Your Archives.
The forget-me-not is my favorite flower, not only reminding me of my childhood in Alaskan mountains, but also of other stories I have to share.What better photo do I have reminding me about my archives? 667 more words


How Sydney house prices compare with other global cities

Sydney has been acclaimed as one of the world’s most liveable cities, but news this week that the median house price has hit $1 million has everyone gasping. 27 more words


Singapore Property Investing 101 - How Can You Make Money?

Do you know that half of the top 10 richest people in Singapore gained their wealth from real estate investment? Read the full article here.
By Get.com


The Australians who prefer to rent, not buy

Bill and Paddy Pettigrove are lifelong renters. For 34 years they lived in a three-bedroom house in Elwood, a leafy, bayside suburb of Melbourne. They raised their two children there, and only left when their landlord decided to knock the house down and build a block of flats on the land. 25 more words


New Zealand - Housing crisis - make developers provide affordable housing

Laurence Murphy, former Professor of Property at the University of Auckland Business School, says such a move will only result in the development sector doing what it has always done – buying land at market prices and building houses to sell for the best price possible. 9 more words

New Zealand

It's not as bleak for Auckland as you might think

Auckland’s rate rises, soaring house prices and transport woes are hogging the headlines, but the outlook for New Zealand’s largest city isn’t as bleak as recent coverage would suggest. 13 more words

New Zealand

New Zealand - Two sides to property problems

Let’s debate policy not people. It should be that simple but the last week has proved it isn’t. Whatever conclusion you take from the real estate data leaked by the Labour Party, it is problematic because it puts the spotlight on people for their ethnicity. 11 more words

New Zealand