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Movin' On Up: What Is the Sunshine Blogger Award?

Driftyness is honoured to be nominated for a Sunshine Blogger Award by the lovely Roshonda of JustsumInspiration!

The Sunshine Blogger Award seems to be a bit of a WordPress mystery, and I’m not sure where it originated, even after doing a bit of digging. 1,560 more words


The 2nd Annual Book Blogger Awards: Nominations

Thank you, Jenna @ Falling Letters, for nominating me in the young adult section! The Annual Book Blogger Awards gives recognition to book bloggers for all the work they do in the way that awards for other types of blogs do. 358 more words


Blogger Appreciation Award

So before we get started with this award I just wanted to say first and foremost I absolutely love the blogging community! I’m so thankful that even one person reads my content or follows my blog; I never imagined that I would get 105 followers! 301 more words

The Mystery Blogger Award

Hey guys how is everyone doing today? I was lucky enough to be nominated for this awesome award last week by Dreams. I absolutely love their blog and no I’m not just saying that because they were cool enough to nominate me I actually really enjoy their bl oj g so please go check it out. 469 more words

The Sunshine Blogger Award

Hello awesome nerds and welcome back to Victorious Pages!

I still can’t believe that April is almost gone, but, if you ask me (which you don’t, but if you ask me)…  1,063 more words


Coffee Fountains, and Calorie-free Potatoes?!? The Mystery Blogger Award!

We have officially done it, SR Nation!  We have won one of those Blogger awards that you have probably seen swarming the WordPress blogs.  I would always make excuses on why they were ridiculous…But deep down, in places I don’t talk about at parties, I want that award, I NEED THAT AWARD!  1,690 more words


Liebster Award #4-5

I haven’t done these in a while, but it’s time for a Liebster Award post! One of these nominations is from last fall, so… I know, we’ve talked about this, but I’M SORRY for being so bad at doing award tags, lmao! 1,154 more words